Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Amazfit has been on a steady cycle of updating their smartwatches on a yearly basis and sometimes even sooner than that. That means it was time for Amazfit’s most rugged in their collection, the T-Rex to get an update. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is the next iteration of the T-Rex line and updates it with many of the latest features that showed up over the past year – both software and hardware. You’d be hard-pressed though to notice any of the differences upon a visual inspection as the T-Rex Pro looks pretty much the same as the original T-Rex that came before it.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro


While there was nothing wrong really with the original Amazfit T-Rex design, it would have been nice to see some kind of difference between the old model and the latest T-Rex Pro. Instead, the look of the T-Rex Pro is near identical to the previous model, with just a couple slight visual changes and new colors.

So what is different? For starters, it isn’t the materials of the watch because it is still made of tough, lightweight polycarbonate. The difference now is in the colors you can choose. There are now just three colors – Meteorite Black, Desert Grey, and Steel Blue. The outer bezel now undergoes a metal-spraying process which gives it a slightly better texture, without it actually being a metal bezel. Also, the silicone used for the watch band seems different. It’s not more firm and rigid and less squishy and rubbery like on the original T-Rex. I was not a fan of the original band and this new one feels much better.

Lastly, on the back of the new T-Rex Pro, you’ll notice the sensors are different now which means that the T-Rex Pro also uses a new magnetic charger. This however is the same magnetic charger you’ll find on the Amazfit GTR-2, Amazfit GTS-2, and most of their newly released watches.

In terms of looks though, despite it not changing much, the T-Rex Pro still looks plenty tough and rugged. The use of buttons is also appreciated here as it does make using the T-Rex Pro a bit easier, especially if you’re underwater, if your fingers are sweaty, or if you have gloves on.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro


In terms of specs, there are a few similarities between the new T-Rex Pro and the old T-Rex, but there are also a lot of differences and updates. Let’s start with what’s the same.

First up, the T-Rex Pro still has a 1.3″ HD AMOLED display with a resolution of 360×360. Both run a 390mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery with an average life of about 18 days between charges. This however can vary widely based on your actual usage and what features you have on or off. There’s also Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, 3-axis acceleration sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, and Ambient light sensor.

The list of what’s different is a bit more substantial. In addition to the GPS+GLONASS, the T-Rex Pro also adds GPS+BeiDou and GPS+Galileo. It also uses the new, updated BioTracker 2 PPG bio-tracking optical sensor along with the addition of a 3-axis gyroscope sensor and a Barometric altimeter. Water-resistance also sees an increase from 5 ATM to 10 ATM at a depth of 100 meters.

With the inclusion of the new BioTracker 2 PPG bio-tracking optical sensor, the T-Rex Pro sees the addition of Blood-oxygen Saturation measurements, stress level monitoring, and PAI which is a health assessment system that uses an algorithm to transform complex information such as heart rate, activity duration, and other health data into a single numerical value unique to each user. Lastly, the T-Rex Pro also adds sleep monitoring and REM tracking.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro


While the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is very similar to the other Amazfit smartwatches with its features and OS, there are some slight differences. Basically, some swipe directions are a little different but the overall functionality is the same. The extra buttons do make navigating the watch a bit easier over swiping though.

You’ll still need to use the Zepp app to do anything with the T-Rex Pro. You’ll need it to activate the watch, update the watch, and sync all the data from the watch.

Battery life also seems pretty decent, but again will vary based on usage and what you have enabled. In terms of comfort, the T-Rex Pro is fairly comfortable thanks to the silicone band and lightweight materials, but it is a bit chunky when compared to Amazfit’s other watches. Then again, I guess you can’t be “rugged” unless there’s a substantial amount of girth present.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro


The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is another solid fitness-geared smartwatch by Amazfit. While it has many functions and features that the other smartwatches have, the T-Rex Pro has the unique position of being the only tough and rugged watch in Amazfit’s lineup. That means that if tough and rugged is what you’re looking for, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is your only choice, and it’s not a bad choice at all.

The Amazfit T-Rex makes for a great daily smartwatch and definitely a great one for those who live a super active lifestyle. The rugged build and 10 ATM waterproofing means you don’t need to worry about getting the watch banged up because that’s what it was made for. It will take the abuse.

The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is available on Amazon in three colors for $179.99.

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