Speck Precidio 2 Grip Case

When it comes to protecting my smartphones, there are only a handful of cases I trust and depend on. These aren’t just for protection however as I also want cases that look good. That means something stylish and not just a protective box. Speck is one of my go-to brands and the Speck Precidio 2 Grip is one of my favorites. This case is both stylish and functional and over the years, Speck has made several improvements to it and the version for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra being one of the best iterations of it so far.

The Speck Presidio2 Grip case is one of Speck’s most iconic cases. Its main claim to fame is the no-slip grips built into the backside of the case along with the Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology. This allows for 13-foot drop protection, though I’d be lying if I told you I’ve tried it. I’m not about dropping a phone on purpose at that height just to test that out. What I do know is that at 5-feet or so, I’m quite confident that my phone will be protected.

For the Galaxy S21 series, it seems that Speck has made a change to the case for overall comfort and feel. In the past, the Precidio 2 Grip had the rubber grips fused into the plastic shell. This gave the case two different feelings. While the rubber parts provided the grip you needed, the plastic part felt too hard and slippery. Speck improved the feel by adding a soft-touch finish over the entire backside of the case that makes the case feel smoother and softer. Not only that, it’s now more uniform looking. The grips don’t seem like they’re made of rubber anymore and seem to part of the hard shell now, which could make them more durable. It still feels rubbery to some extent because of the soft-touch finish.

On the inside of the case, it still has the Precidio 2 Armor Cloud capsules on the edges and border. When dropped, the capsules compress, absorbing the energy away from your phone. This reduces shock and damage to your phone. The inside where the back of the phone rests also seems to be plastic now instead of rubber. I actually prefer this now because the old rubber backing would sometimes leave weird marks on the back of my phone. This doesn’t. Also makes it easier to clean. Like any good phone case, the Precidio 2 Grip also features raised bezels for proper screen protection when placing your phone face-down.

Lastly, let’s talk about the fact that Speck products have Microban technology. This provides antimicrobial protection and provides a 99% reduction in bacteria growth. Especially in the times that we’re living in now, I’d think this to be a really important feature to have. While there are other cases that also have some form of microbial protection, Microban is a well-known technology, so I can trust that it actually works.

With that said, I really love the way the Speck Presidio 2 Grip looks and feels on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It provides the grip I need for my own peace of mind and the case is actually relatively thin too and doesn’t add as much bulk as you’d think.

The Speck Presidio2 Grip is available in three different colors – Blue, Grey, and Black.

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