Chrome Storm Salute Commute Jacket

When we think extra storage we carry with us, we don’t normally think of jackets. We normally think of backpacks or purses, but rarely do we consider a jacket as a place we can hold our gear. Jackets are normally there to keep us warm or dry from the elements, but Chrome Industries has combined the utility of a bag with the style of a modern-day jacket. The Chrome Industries Storm Salute Commute Jacket doesn’t look like it first, but it’s the perfect commuter jacket that features pockets for lots of your stuff, made with waterproof breathable stretch poly to keep them and you dry as well.

Let’s first start with the design. The Storm Salute Commute Jacket is a slim-fit jacket featuring waterproof materials. This is built to withstand wet weather and while this could be considered a rain jacket, it’s stylish enough to be worn whether it’s wet outside or not. There’s a hood to keep your head dry as well as an upper back yoke for ventilation to keep your body cool. There’s a drop-tail hem in the back along with a drawcord for adjustable fitment.

Chrome Storm Salute Commute Jacket

What makes this jacket different from most is the storage. There are two pockets upfront that is fully zippered to protect whatever you have in them from getting wet. That includes your keys, wallet, cables, etc. These are fairly large pockets too so you could even carry around an extra battery pack or whatever else you can get to fit.

On the inside, there’s another hidden pocket on the upper left side that is meant to hold your phone. This pocket is also zippered for extra protection from the elements as well as keeping your phone from slipping out of it. I had no issues fitting my LG V60 ThinQ in there and that’s a fairly large phone, though the fit was a little snug. Anything smaller than that should fit just fine.

Chrome Storm Salute Commute Jacket

Lastly, there’s a huge cargo compartment on the back of the Storm Salute Commute Jacket that makes it really versatile. This rear cargo pocket is so large that you can fit a variety of different things in it, almost like having a small bag with you. You can fit a tablet, an e-Reader, a book, or even a portable gaming console. If it’s cold out, maybe some gloves or a scarf. There’s lots you can really fit in this, you just have to use your imagination.

So how good is the Chrome Industries Storm Salute Commute Jacket? Well, I have found that on days where it’s cool out, I find myself grabbing this more than any of my other jackets. Living in Miami, we deal with sudden weather changes and it’s not usual for a storm to just appear out of nowhere. I’d rather be prepared with something that will keep me dry than something that will absorb all that water.

I also find that with this, I don’t need to carry around an extra bag like a waist pack or shoulder sling because I can just fit everything into the pockets. That means one less thing I have to carry and manage. Honestly, this jacket is able to hold all my day-to-day gear perfectly without the bulkiness of carrying around an extra bag.

With that said, if you commute daily, you might want to think about picking up the Storm Salute Commute Jacket by Chrome Industries. You already know that they make some really great backpacks so it’s no surprise that they can also make a really great jacket that not only stands up to the elements but also has the utility you’ve come to expect from a Chrome Industries product.

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