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Modern warfare in Call of Duty is just like any other games. It provides you options as to how you want to set your controller. You can easily change settings like button layout, sensitivity, etc. Let’s discuss a bit more about the different controller options that you can use in Modern Warfare. I will also provide you a few tips on Modern Warfare aimbot that will help you in winning the game.

Button layout

There are numerous buttons present in Modern Warfare. These buttons were previously present in games but this time they come with a difference. The melee button here is mapped to the face of the controller. This helps you in not getting panicked or getting into an accident. But if you are not prone to these, you can still opt for the default scheme.

Understand that using default layout mode is perfectly fine, as it is all about fine tuning your muscle memory. If you are playing games like Fortnite also, then using a default layout will give you a great start.

In fact, majority of the shooters prefer using default mode. But you have to ensure that your muscle memory does not fight against you.


It is a general tendency amongst professional players in Call of Duty to not use vibration. This is because some prefer light controllers, while others feel that vibration can throw off a shot.  Of course, it is difficult to switch from not playing with vibration to playing with it. Hence, make a choice as per your comfort and stick to it.

Also, turn off the vibration setting when you are in a gun fight. After all, you won’t want your hands to move here and there when you are at a crucial point of the match.


This is available on every controller model and there is a presence of customization with respect to hair trigger and trigger stops.

In Call of Duty, you need to have trigger stop on unless you are using a vehicle. Trigger movement can further occur by using trigger hair, which will modify the distance to activation point. This will ensure that firing and aiming is a one-tap process.


The presence of paddles is a very important controller setting that helps the player keep thumbs on the stick. This helps to lock the enemy with aim. The player can also defend himself or swap weapons during fight.


Two kinds of sensitivity are present – stick and ADS. Stick sensitivity works well in standard setting. However, if you come from a different shooter, then it is better to turn up the sensitivity a bit.

ADS sensitivity should be set at 1 in order to multiply the normal sensitivity level a bit. This will ensure that your ADS movement is a lot more responsive.

Which controller should I use?

There are many articles that offer guidelines on the best controller. This is because a lot about your layout is dependent on the controller you choose.

For instance, Xbox One and Standard Dualshock controllers need default layout. But it is always a good idea to consider a controller with programmable paddles. This can be of great help when playing shooters.

Final words

Now that you aware about different aspects of controller settings in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s time to test it for yourself. I am sure with these tips you can easily have an advantage over others when it comes to winning.

Remember, the use of controller may not make you win the game. Rather, it is what differentiates an average game from a great one. So, try to use the controller options as much as possible but within your comfort.

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