I been rocking with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 the past few months now and been one of my favorite devices. Also, I still been utilizing the Aramid Cover I got around the same time just because of the slim profile that it provides.

But funny enough I had eyeing this Civilian Case by Urban Armor Gear since around the same time and it has been sold out for months. UAG was nice enough to reach out to me and advise me it was available and that they would send one out to me. Now I have always been a big fan of UAG cases on every phone I used but how does it really fare on the multi-screen Z Fold 2?


So, unlike the cover I been using this is a full-blown case. Its design is dual framed, so it provides protection for the front screen but also the main screen as well. When folded you are provided with a raised bumper that goes around the display with cutouts for the dual speakers. On the other portion is cutouts for your buttons and USB-C port. On the back of the case, you will feel that hex pattern that UAG likes to call HyperCush. Allowing for military grades and what not. There is a stretchy material that goes over the hinge for easy folding/unfolding but still allowing protection.

When setting up the Z Fold 2 with this case the first time around you must make sure you use the adhesive strips to keep it in place and not move. I tried it without doing so and it would not stay in place.


Giving this a spin for a few days you can feel the protection this case provides. It feels solid and gives some thickness to the Z Fold 2 that I do not really care to add but I can get how this will work for some people. Unfolded this case feels great giving you a nice bumper around the whole display and feeling nice in hand. The issues I had are when its closed. The front bezels are too thick and tall. It makes it hard to swipe down on the screen from top and even typing on the keyboard reaching the other keys. I even tried to change the gesture layout for the Z Fold 2 and while it helps it still pretty much a headache.


While usually a fan of UAG cases and have used the Civilian case on prior devices (currently have one on iPhone 12 Pro), this one just based on the issues I mentioned on the front display make it a no go for me. Using it unfolded is great and if I could jump from case time to time I would but that would also cause issues with the adhesive you need to have attached for this phone to stay in place.

If you are interested in the Civilian case for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 it is $59.99 but looks to be out of stock again as of this writing.

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