LG continues to try different things in 2020 first with the LG Velvet coming out this past summer going for slim and elegance curves and now we embark on the LG Wing. The Wing frankly is in a league of its own with its rather unorthodox dual screen capabilities and the new options it presents to you the consumer. But are these new features worth it and will they even be utilized properly?


Like the LG Velvet we are looking at a tall device with the Wing. It comes in weighing 260g making not the heaviest smartphone, but it definitely has some mass compared to others. Its curved in glass from back to front in Corning Glass 5 but also can become a fingerprint magnet of sorts. There is clickable volume controls and power button on the right side while Type-C port resides on the bottom.

LG Wing is the first device coming from what LG is calling the “Explorer Project”. Basically, trying new things with smartphones and bringing them to life.

Dual Displays

What has been catching everyone’s attention to this device is of course its swivel out display allowing for dueling screens. The main display is 6.8” P-OLED (2460×1080, 395ppi) Full Vision while the smaller screen is 3.9” G-OLED (1240×1080,419ppi). Like the Velvet, the Wing has a “20.5.9” aspect viewing ratio because of its tall height. You can use the main screen ordinary like another smartphone, and it works perfectly fine.

Colors are natural but not oversaturated and vivid which may work for some. Looking at content on Netflix or YouTube for instance looked fine. The 2nd smaller screen can be used for some of the same things such as watching YouTube, navigating Twitter and so forth if necessary. Colors and details look similar to the larger display.


Underneath all this glass and displays is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor (w/ X52 5G Modem), Adreno 620 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage with expandable microSD options. There is also a 4,000mAh battery that supports fast charging and wireless charging capabilities. I am glad to see it has more RAM and storage than the Velvet at least but interesting to see it with just a 765 chipset. At this pricing you would think there would be a 865 chipset installed. Besides that this phone only has a mono speaker compared to the dual speakers on the Velvet. Audio isn’t bad but the way you would be maneuvering this device another speaker would been nice.

This LG Wing 5G Model is the Aurora Gray colorway. There is also an Illusion Sky version as well. This device was provided to us by LG and runs on Verizon 5G UW network. I found myself getting downloads of about 100Mbps download speeds in areas. I didn’t run into their 5G UW areas as much as I wanted to. The LG Wing is also available on other carriers as well.

Software / Swiveling

It is running LG’s UX baked into Android 10 which doesn’t look all that unique and special other than showcasing various ways of its working with the Second Screen. Wing tries to show off its multitasking chops allowing you to do two things at once or expand the resources of an app.

For YouTube as an example, I can be watching content and make adjusts to the video. Gaming for instance such as Asphalt 9 will give me maps / stats on the Second Screen while driving on the Main Screen. Best of all you can hold the phone right side up or upside down and still achieve the same goal.  Heck I can be on Facebook and Twitter at the same time and super multitask social media without missing a beat.

Playing Asphalt 9 on LG Wing


On the LG Wing we have a Triple Camera system with 64(OIS Wide), 12(Ultra-Wide), and 13MP (Ultra-Wide) Lens. As for selfies the Wing has a 32MP Pop Up camera that is reminiscent of the OnePlus 7 Pro last year. You won’t even know it is there and only coming out when needed. Like the gaming and media apps mentioned, the cameras can also take advantage of the Second Screen.

One of the Second Screen features is turning the LG Wing into a Gimbal Motion Camera. It has full fledged options such as panning left, right, up and down. There is an onscreen system that includes a joystick to achieve this. While walking around and recording at the same time in this mood, you can see footage is pretty much stable and not shaky. I do feel it did have a hard time adjusting low light areas especially the darker it got. Other options in Swivel Mode are dual recording and editing.  

Who is this For?

LG continues to try and bring you a different smartphone experience than the norm that we have grown accustomed too. Its welcome but will everyone else accept it? The Wing for starters is great for the multitasker allowing two apps to work simultaneously or expand on one. The problem with that 2nd part is not all apps support it and we will be lucky if they will. If you are looking to try various ways to create content the Wing will keep you occupied especially with its Gimbal features.

For $999.99, the LG Wing is reaching for a niche audience and will most likely see creators head towards it before the average consumer especially at its price point. Also for that amount you expect a higher processor and maybe higher-res display. It is a fun phone to mess with if you maximize its full potential and I say if you can at least get hands-on give it a try.

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