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A few decades ago all you had to pass your time was a good book, a radio, and a deck of cards. Times have changed for the better in terms of finding gadgets to pass your time. It can be a little overwhelming deciding on just what gadgets to buy, but there is indeed something for everyone no matter what your favorite hobby is.

Video games continue to be perfected and so do the platforms on which you can play them. From Atari to the latest PlayStation 5, video game platforms have improved drastically. You might want to consider choosing a platform based on which type of games you prefer to play.

For avid readers, you can still read books, but now you can do so with eReaders and technology that lets you download any book you want and have it in seconds. Take advantage of eReaders and download many different titles to read anytime you want.

Lastly, let’s not forget about video streaming and the ability to watch just about any of your favorite TV or movie shows from the palm of your hand. With all the streaming platforms available, the dilemma is no longer “there’s nothing on TV to watch,” it’s, “there’s too much on TV to watch.”

Best Way to Play Video Games

Whether you are looking to play casino games or the latest and greatest Call of Duty, there are a lot of different ways you can play video games nowadays. For starters, you can play on your computer. You might not even need a recurring Internet connection, as long as you have it long enough to download your favorite game.

You will want to consider how fast your computer is and how much storage space you have. Video games have become so advanced that you will want your computer to be able to keep up with the game. After making sure your computer is equipped, make sure your mobile phone is also fast enough and large enough if you want to download the app and play on your phone.

In addition to your computer, you can also play video games on a variety of different platforms like:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Wii

Don’t forget about your mobile phone or tablet. Many games are available to play on different platforms. If you link your account on different devices you might be able to play the same game on your mobile phone that you did on a different platform, make gaming a portable option these days.

You will want to make sure you consider what games you want to play when selecting a platform, as a platform like the Wii is going to give you an entirely different experience than something like the new PlayStation 5.

Reading has never been Easier

There are a lot of great eReaders on the market that will allow you to read just about anything you want. If you have not yet embraced eReaders and still prefer paper books, consider making the swap to an eReader if you are planning any travel in the future. Carrying a ton of books to your destination can be heavy and cumbersome, but with an eReader you can take a lot of books with you just on one device.

If your preference is to read newspapers and magazines instead of books, you can do that from your eReader as well. One of the best parts of an eReader is the ability to collect and download a variety of different reading material. You are not limited to just what you can check out of the library or carry home from the bookstore.

Don’t forget that you can share your eReader with your spouse are kids. So, if you want to keep some books or magazines downloaded to entertain your kids that is certainly an option too.

Stream your Favorite Programs

Gone are the days of a black and white tube TV providing all your entertainment. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and others now make it easy to stream just about any TV or movie show you want to watch. While you will likely have to subscribe to a few different platforms to get everything you want, you will be able to watch TV and movies from different devices.

If you want to watch on an airplane on your mobile phone you can do so, or you can watch at home on your TV just like you always have in the past. There are a lot of gadgets available for you to stream on different platforms.

An added benefit of streaming is that you can download your favorite programs instead of just watching them live. This is what enables you to take your favorite shows with you and watch them when you might not have internet access (like on an airplane, or waiting in line at the store).

Streaming is arguably the most significant change in the way we pass our time versus decades ago. You never again have to make sure you are home and in front of your TV at 8 PM when your favorite show is on. And, you can most watch programs with either no advertisements or with an option to skip through the ads to get to your favorite show.

SafeGuard your Devices

With so much of our lives now held in the palm of our hands, it’s more important than ever to protect our devices from a few different things.

  • If you are using a portable device, make sure it has a properly fitted case to protect it when it gets tossed around and bumped
  • ?      Make sure your machine is malware protected, so you don’t accidentally acquire any viruses when downloaded new games
  • Check the speed of your device and make sure it is always updated with the latest technology for gaming
  • Password protect it – anything that has your personal information on it should be protected by a password

The gadgets we carry now to pass the time can be expensive, but well worth the purchase. Make sure you protect them and take care of them so they last for years to come.

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