Seeing Audio Technica you automatically think of their iconic ATH-M50 which have been out for close to a decade and are still seen in recording studios and on the heads of many. The latest revision to the model was the impressive M50xBT we covered last year. But besides that, I never glanced over to their true wireless offerings until now eyeing the ANC300tw. They seem to have everything in a pair of true wireless earbuds… but is it enough?


ANC300TW features a slightly two-toned color and material charging case. On the bottom is a shiny navy-blue plastic exterior while on top is blacker but feels slightly rubberized. That little amount of rubber allows you to flip the top on these with one hand and just using your thumb if you care to do so. Reminds me of those old school flip top lighters we see around time to time. Audio Technica’s branding is on the bottom front with LED lights underneath while lingering on the side is a USB-C charging port. This case looks big but comparing its boxy style to other large cases its matches up with them sometimes even being smaller. Inside the case there is rather strong magnets, so you don’t have to worry about your earbuds being misaligned or not charging.

So, once you take the earbuds out the case you can see they are rather big or boxy like its case counterpart. They feel and look solid which is thanks to the quality AT tends to put forth in their products. Their squarish design reminds me of the JayBird Vistas I reviewed last year minus the assisted wingtips. They are comfortable once I pop them in my ears, but they tend to get loose at times which I think is contributed to its size. I had similar issues with the Sony WF-1000XM3. Luckily Audio Technica besides adding additional ear tip sizes also put in COMPLY memory foam ear tips. It alleviated some of the looseness I was getting. Keep in mind this is more a thing with my ears and not on the manufacturer. Wearing some long periods, they do feel weightless though and did not experience any discomfort. ANC300tw are rated IPX2 making them slightly light sprinkles of water, rain, or sweat. I would not advise of any intense workouts in them.

Included with the ATH ANCT300TW is additional ear tips and USB-Cable.


These earbuds are utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm’s TrueWireless Stereo Plus for connection and stability and shows. Popping these out the case they seem to sync up quickly with my Galaxy Z Fold 2. Walking around with these never came across any distortion or breaking up.

While the AT looks pressable there are buttons above that provide the functionality of the earbuds. They range from button presses that achieve volume leveling, play controls, and switching the ANC/ambient modes on and off. These can be customized in the returning Connect app. I used this on the M50xBT last year, but I feel looks more refined.

In the Connect app you will access to the various levels of Noise Cancelling and Ambient or what Audio Technica calls Hear-Through which has three levels. Options for audio codecs are there too giving you AptX, AAC, and SBC. By default, the Z Fold 2 supports AptX but if you were using say an iPhone it would be AAC. The app itself has been stable working seamless with the earbuds and even giving firmware updates when available. If you misplace your earbuds a Product locator is on the app as well.

You are slated to get about 18hrs (4.5 on full charge and 13.5 from the case) on the ANC300tw. Battery seems to be as advertised as I don’t recall charging them much rather than what has been stated.


As I expected from Audio Technica, these are providing a balanced sound profile with its 5.8mm DLC drivers. Playing Meek Mill “Litty” which is a bass heavy track you can tell the bass is there, but it feels like its more in the background not always showing up. Playing an R&B track Usher / Ella Mai “My Time” which relies less on bass and more on vocals you can see how these lean more to Mids.


Audio Technica brings its sound profile from its musical cans over to its earbuds and it is a mixed affair depending what you listen to. They aren’t heavy in the bass department but that may work better for some. They shine if you are focused on vocals and can push everything else in the background. Battery life is solid, and they are comfortable and stay in my ear thanks in part to the included Comply tips. ANC300tw are available for $199.99.

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