Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition
Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition

As great as the Nintendo Switch is for bot hat home and portable gaming, it lacks a basic feature that we’ve become accustomed to with current-gen gaming systems. That feature is Bluetooth wireless audio. For some reason, we are not able to pair any wireless headphones to the Nintendo Switch and must instead use a wired set attached to the Nintendo Switch’s audio jack. There are solutions to this problem and one of those solutions is the Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition adapter. The AirFly Pro plugs into the Nintendo Switches audio jack and allows you to pair up to two wireless headphones to your Nintendo Switch.

The AirFly Pro is small and doesn’t take up much space. It’s basically a little white box with an audio cable coming out of it. One end has a USB-C port for charging and there’s a large button on the front for power. On the side, there is a switch to choose between transmit and receive modes and a tiny button to reset the device.

To use the AirFly Pro, you just need to plug it into your Nintendo Switch and power it up. Make sure the AirFly Pro is in transmit mode for use with the Switch. Holding down the power button for the first time will put it into pair mode. After pairing with your headphones, if you need to pair another headphone, just hold down the button again.

The AirFly Pro works pretty well and does what it’s supposed to. The sound quality is as expected and you should be pleased with them. This solution works well for audio on the switch because it leaves the USB-C port free for charging. You can also use the AirFly Pro when in docked mode. This makes it far more useful than the Bluetooth adapters that connect to the USB-C port.

What also makes the AirFly Pro more useful is that you can also use these in receive mode. In this mode, you can plug the AirFly Pro into an AUX jack, like in your car, and receive signals from your smartphone and play them over your vehicle’s speakers. This is handy for vehicles that don’t support Bluetooth audio and is a simple way to add this feature to it.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition

So if you’re looking for a simple way to add Bluetooth to your Nintendo Switch, the Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition is the perfect solution for you. It’s small and portable and I love that it is multifunctional. Not only that, it works on a wide variety of other devices, not just the Switch.

You can grab the Twelve South AirFly Pro Switch Edition here on Amazon.

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