When looking for a monitor that’s competitive and immersive, the size is one of the key factors in your decision making; you need the monitor to be small enough to not distract you from your lanes, but big enough to enjoy high fidelity gaming sessions. Acer sent over a 32″ gaming monitor that’s 2560x1440p running at 165hz overclocked and honestly, to me this is the best of both worlds.

The Nitro XZ322QU is a high-performance monitor that also benefits from its outstanding hertz capabilities – natively you’ll run games at 144hz if you have the graphics card to push it, which can be overclock up to 165hz. This monitor supports AMD Free-Sync but can also support nVidia’s G-Sync….which of course, that won’t be advertised. The resolution stands at 2560x1440p which is perfect for low latency input and high clarity imaging. Honestly, this monitor was sent just in time to test out my high-end computer alongside the PlayStation 5 and truth be told, it has been a wonderful experience.

Build Quality

The Nitro XZ3 series is sturdy and of quality. The monitor is curved giving that sense of wider peripheral vision and assembly was a breeze that required no tools to work with. The stand feels premium and secured, however, the base is probably my only issue given that it’s disc-shaped and takes a lot of room; If this is your only monitor, it wouldn’t matter if you stand it. But if you have a dense setup, I can see this taking up more room than you’d expect. However, all of that can be disregarded if you decide to mount it because it is VESA Compatible with 100x100mm mounting socket space.

The monitor is not as heavy as you’d think given the 32′ size. At 10.7lbs, you can easily move this monitor with ease if you desired to rearrange your set up.

Inputs and Panel

The Nitro XZ3 series comes with a VA panel – and a good one at that. Compared to an IPS panel, the blacks won’t be as dark as you’d like, however, I have noticed that even with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1 the blacks were definitely amongst the best I’ve seen in a VA panel thanks to HDR400; my honest views on HDR400 is that it doesn’t serve as true HDR given the nits are limited to 400 cd/m², but compliments the overall quality of whatever panel it’s installed in. The colors are dense enough to pop out, the blacks are pleasant and the whites are bright. It’s not overbearing and you won’t find yourself squinting at the vividness. VA panels are known for their lack of brightness, but with confidence, I can assure you that Nitro doesn’t suffer from it – it is bright.

Power consumption is standard with 500 mW (Power Standby), 500 mW (Power Off), 38 W (Power Max), and 35 W (Power On). Has 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI an audio jack, and a power port.

Without diving too deeply, the Nitro XZ3 series comes at an aspect ratio of 16:9, response time is 1ms VRB (Visual Response Boost if enabled), Overclock Refresh Rate of 165hz, Adaptive Contrast Management of 100,000,000:1, and speakers that honestly are not bad at all. It’s not loud, but it’s now muffled or low either.

Personal Usage

I currently have an L-shaped desk mounted with an articulated arm stand. Connected to it is my 34″ ultra-wide MSI monitor. To the left is the 32″ Acer Nitro side by side with the PS5. The Nitro fits so well and still gives ample room for me to have that competitive edge.

My time with this monitor was utilized in a variety of ways. I used it for work, streamed content through it, play my PS5 and booted up Destiny 2 Beyond Light. All of which proved to me that this monitor is capable of providing that competitive edge while immersing players with its size. For anyone needing a bigger monitor, low response time, and amazing hertz, you don’t want to skip out on this one especially at its price.

Acer Nitro XZ322QU – Amazon (https://amzn.to/392C0aH)

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