This Week In The Driveway we are checking out the 2020 Ford Edge ST.

The Ford Edge is probably my favorite among Ford’s line of SUVs, as it’s not quite too small like the Ecosport or the Escape and not too big like the Expedition or the Explorer. 

The Edge is in that sweet spot as a nice mid-size SUV. And when I think of the Edge, the only trim that grabs my attention is the ST model. The Edge ST starts off for about $43K and comes with all the cool tech features I like in a vehicle like dual-zone temperature control, wireless charging, remote start, keyless entry, blindspot alert, USB charging ports, and ambient lighting (sweet sweet ambient lighting). Plus of course Android Auto and Apple Car play which I think should be standard on any car today. After 7 days of using the Edge ST as my daily driver, check out the latest video on our channel below for my thoughts!

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