After checking out the roll out style of the PaMu Unique over the summer, Padmate brings us another interesting charging case with their PaMu Quiet. Besides giving us another way to access their earbuds what else does the Quiet bring to the table? 


While the name fit with the case design on the PaMu Unique, it doesn’t so much with the Quiet. The case for the Quiet is reminiscent of a pocket watch. This may appeal and attract the older generation that possibly experienced them back in the day. Younger folks not so much but it’s an interesting take nonetheless. 

It has a push button at the top that pops open the case and reveals the earbuds. At first press it felt kind of stiff but doing it over time it started to loosen up more. The case itself is outfitted in a tumble leather material. There is a hook at the top if you want to attach lanyards or chains while on the bottom is a Type-C port. 

The style of the PaMu Quiet earbuds isn’t anything outstanding. All black pipe style with the PaMu branding across them. Without that name on it they could look like any other earbuds. They use silicone tips and can be changed with different sizes that are included.  They fit into the ear nicely and even wearing them for long periods of time haven’t experienced any discomfort.

PaMu Quiet comes with various ear tips, type-C cable and charging case. Leather lanyard and Carrying Case are an additional $20 each.


Quiet utilizes an IPX4 rating to keep it sweat and water resistant. This will make it good for workouts and light splashes of water if you get caught out in the rain perhaps.

Touch Controls return on the Quiet which has sensors that be operated by either taps or long press. This time around though PaMu gives you more customization as there is an accompanying app to make changes. This was one of my gripes of the Unique and glad to see an app has made its way to this pair of buds. The app is good for firmware updates, changing touch controls functions, and toggling the ANC mode if you don’t have it set as one of your taps. The way PaMu set it up the app though you select one of the earbuds. A little weird but gather this really shows they can be used independently.  

PaMu has been putting Qualcomm chips in their earbuds for awhile and the latest chip they are using is the QCC5124. It supports aptX, SBC, and AAC codecs. You are also getting Bluetooth 5.0 and a battery life of 10.5. Mostly used with a OnePlus 8 Plus and then Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, connections have been pretty on point besides a minor hiccup or distortion here and there.


The drivers on the PaMu Quiet come in at 10mm. This ends up giving you some heavy bass. I noticed it a good deal while playing “Don’t Like” and “I Am a God” by Kanye West. Only thing with the bass it may overshadow the vocals pushing them back a bit. So, while they don’t sound bad, they may not be as balanced as the PaMu Unique. These do a tremendous job on the Active Noise Cancelling side thanks to the AMS3460 chip. Using them on my daily train commutes they block out a good amount of outside noise. So good sometimes I must switch to Transparency mode when I get off the train so I can be aware of my surroundings. Transparency gives you a feel of what’s around you and handles it well.


ANC is awesome with these and I see why they called them “Quiet”. The case design is different but nothing to be impressed by. Using Qualcomm’s aptX does present some nice bassy audio even though the vocals could be better. Connections for the most part are good, and the addition of an app gives you more options.  

PaMu Quiet is currently available for $119 on their Indiegogo page.

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