A brand we see that always take the extra steps in detail in Peak Design. They have grown popular over the years for their Everyday Backpacks and Slings with them being extremely lightweight and comfortable but still managing to fit all your needs.

Peak Design earlier this year showcased the travel tripod bringing you a superb compact portable experience but still maintaining itself as a professional device. Now PK is diving into something even smaller.

This new area will be “Mobile”. It works as a modular system of sorts all starting from their Everyday Case. The case features fabrics like their Everyday bags which feels nice in hand but also providing you with a nice grip. It works with their plethora of soft locking accessories that connect via magnets.  

Options range from a Wall Mount, Car Mount, Tripod, Bike Mount and there is even a Universal Adapter if your device doesn’t fit one of the phone cases Peak Design started their lineup with such as the iPhone 11 Series, iPhone 12 Series, and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Now Peak Design has been working on this for quite some years now and just before this announcement Apple has also showcased something similar called MagSafe which will work with their iPhone 12 Series of smartphones. Peak Design has stated it will look to be cross compatible with their own Mobile lineup and MagSafe.

I see this as more options for consumers and those that will not be jumping to the iPhone 12 Series anytime soon.

Make sure to check out the video showing some quick hands-on with the latest from Peak Design. Mobile will be launched via Kickstarter today with a estimated Spring 2021 release.

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