Now that we’ve seen both the Xbox Series X and PS5, we’ve been getting bits and pieces of information about the hardware and the games we can expect. While Microsoft has been a bit more open about the Xbox Series X, Sony has been very quiet and secretive about the PS5.

Very little was known about the PS5 other than it’s design and they’ve been particularly careful about leaking any information about their newest consoles’ UI. Well, those days are over as we now have not just a sneak peek of the UI or “User Experience” as it’s referred but a full-on tutorial of the PS5’s User Experience. I’ve watched this video and I must say the UI is cleeeeeeean. Sony has always been very good at focusing on minimalism in their UI while not totally robbing the user of a multimedia experience. The PS2 to the PS4 are all examples of Sony focusing on the games and not so much the overall user experience like Microsoft has always championed with the Xbox. What we get now with this UI is a great looking and what appears to be a very simplistic interface to navigate that allows you to get to your games and connect to your friends and multimedia with relative ease. Of course, when you look at the tutorial it looks simple enough because the developers are using it so it remains to be seen what it’s like once it reaches the general public. Either way, it’s exciting and great look at what we can expect from the PS5.

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