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Oakywood Felt & Cork Desk Mat Classes Up Your Workspace [Review]

Oakywood Felt & Cork Desk Ma

Setting out to build the ultimate workspace can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to build something more elegant and classic looking. To me, nothing is more classic than natural materials such as wood or metal and these types of materials make your workspace feel more calm and homely. A simple place to start is with the Oakywood Felt & Cork Desk Mat. Made of all-natural, high-quality materials, the Oakywook Felt & Cork Desk Mat helps protect your desk while also giving you a space to use your mouse, keyboard, or laptop.

The Oakywook Felt & Cork Desk Mat is made of fully biodegradable materials: 100 OEKO-TEX Merino Wool Felt and Portuguese Cork. The felt is in an anthracite color and should match nicely with any color desk space. These materials were chosen for a couple of reasons. The cork prevents the pad from shifting while also providing protection for the desk surface while the felt provides a soft, comfortable workspace.

Oakywood Felt & Cork Desk Ma

So what is it like to use the Oakywook Felt & Cork Desk Mat? It’s a pretty good experience actually. It’s arguably better looking than a standard mouse pad and the wool felt provides a much softer surface to work on than your regular desktop surface. Overall the desk mat looks very good and will class up any workspace. I can’t say yet how well this will hold up however as only time will tell how durable this is.

With that said, the Oakywook Felt & Cork Desk Mat is very nice, natural solution for those who want style, function, and protection. It’s available in two sizes, medium (11.8? x 27.6?) and large (11.8? x 35.4?) so make sure you measure out your space before choosing a size.

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