Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | 22 October 2020 (USA)

Starring: Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Chris Rock, Jahzir Bruno

Just in time for the witching season, yes I went there. Roald Dahl’s classic 1983 book ‘The Witches” tells the story of a young orphaned boy (Bruno) who goes to live with his Grandma (Spencer) and has an unfortunate run-in with some witches and with his friends get turned into mice.

This is the second time the book has been adapted for the screen, as a huge fan of the book and original film, I was a little concerned when I first read they were doing a re-imagining. As the news progressed about who was working on it, I let down my guard a bit.

The material gets a bit of a refresher in story and location with a new screenplay by ‘Black-ish’ creator Kenya Barris and Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Polar Express) who is also directing the film.

The film also gets a star-studded cast featuring Oscar winner Octavia Spencer as the boy’s grandmother, Stanley Tucci as hotel manager Mr. Stringer, featuring Jahzir Bruno, Chris Rock narrating, and Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch aka the diabolical leader of the witches who turns the Boy and his friends into mice.

While The rest of the world may actually get a theatrical release, here in the United States, ‘The Witches” will premiere on HBO Max on October 22nd 2020.

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