So now that the summer has passed, we have concluded our first summer with Dandelion Energy and our geothermal heat pump. We have gotten to enjoy our first summer with central AC and using a renewable source to do so. So now with the summer finished and the weather starting to cool some, let’s talk about how it has been going and what’s changed post-install. If you haven’t seen our installation video, be sure to check out the link at the bottom so you can see what it is all about!

Check out our latest video now on YouTube as we give an end of summer recap on Dandelion Energy!

Are you interested in getting geothermal with Dandelion Energy yourself? Check out the link below. When you sign up using the link, you get a $500 visa card after your installation.

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Check out the installation of our geothermal heat pump with Dandelion Energy here.

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