In an age where monitors are evolving more rapidly than ever, BenQ creates a line meant for competitive players on a budget; the new Mobiuz EX2710 does not disappoint in ways that matters most. At $299.99 – this 27″ monitor is built with elements that would technically be found on the higher-end market. Check out why I think this monitor is worth your consideration.

IPS Panels | 1080p | 144Hz | 1ms Response Rate

One of the most appreciated qualities is the IPS panel. What this means is you get the best viewing angles alongside excellent color reproduction and image quality – essential for gamers needing every edge to make those sick plays. The IPS panel also comes with excellent LED backlight – under normal lighting conditions, it is impossible to see the backlight on dark areas. HDR10 is also standard with this panel, which gives you a closer color gradient to what you expect, rather than letting sRGB emulate for you. And to my personal experience, this panel is a natural at reducing blurring – a major plus.

This is a 1080p monitor, which means 4K gaming is not possible. That’s not much of an issue since there is a 4K version of this monitor available if you so desire; however, not only is this monitor at a budget but 1080p is still a widely used resolution for competitive gamers as higher resolution doesn’t really benefit much on performance. So it’s really a win-win in disguise.

Then comes the beauty of the monitor, the high refresh rate of 144Hz – this is huge because not only does the baseline of this monitor comes with premium qualities, it has the competitive edge to boot – at 144Hz you can get a high-end blur reduction and response time that you need to make those plays. Trust, you will have far more W’s in Warzone if you get this.

Speaking of response time, this monitor is promised at 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) / 2ms GtG (Grey to Grey) – what this means is this gives the highest competitive edge you need to react as quickly as possible. Built alongside is the AMD FreeSync Premium, the latest technology in blur reduction giving you that extra push into your plays. Now, you will need an AMD GPU to take advantage of this perk, but – since it is aimed for the budget, this shouldn’t be a problem.


This monitor comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and 1 Display Port 1.2 – you can hook up your future PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as your gaming PC! Which is sick because this also comes with some decent built-in speakers; it is not the most premium speakers with the deepest base and the slickest treble, but it gets the job done – just don’t watch Netflix with them.

Some decent eye-care technology is also built-in with this monitor – BenQ’s Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I+) is attached to the bottom of the bezel to help reduce fatigue by adjusting the contrast of your monitor. You can also turn on low blue light in the settings.

The UI on this monitor is pretty slick and easy to use. On the bottom right corner of the monitor, there is a button to enable several kinds of HDR inputs – there’s some physical joystick navigator, power and input buttons. Fairly easy to move through the menu to ensure proper selection.

Competitive Experience

During my time with this monitor I tested out a slew of games on my gaming PC as well as on the PS4 Pro. COD: Modern Warfare, COD: Warzone, Death Stranding and Destiny 2 were my choices as I’ve been working on progressing through those games anyway – from there I was able to check varying levels of response time and image quality; on the PS4 Pro, Death Stranding runs at 1080p @ 30fps, with minor tweaking of analogue dead zones and aim acceleration/deceleration I was able to have my aim and response to work as intended with no latency. This is a good mark-up for me as the PS5 is coming soon and I plan on using this monitor for it. Destiny 2 is my go-to competitive game, yeah I know bullet magnetism and whatnot, but even still, this game requires some insane map knowledge and tactical awareness, and with the help of Mobiuz EX2710 – I was able to bring my reflects and awareness up quickly thanks to the 144Hz 1ms response rate.

As a competitive player, I couldn’t be happier with what this monitor is boasting, high premium quality at a price tag that is approachable and most importantly affordable. This monitor is not just for the “competitive” gamer. While the size and specs may indicate that it is, it’s about gaming at its core so if you’re a casual gamer or even a hardcore casual gamer then this monitor will be a great addition to your gaming setup, you’ll see the difference in your gaming output. I have. My W’s in COD: Warzone and Destiny 2’s Crucible has ramped up thanks to BenQ’s Mobiuz line – if you are looking to purchase an upgrade but don’t want to spend a ton of cash, check out BenQ’s Mobiuz EX2710.

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