FX Strips
FX Strips

If your PC gaming setup is more mild than wild, there’s an easy fix for that. The FX Strips by Whirlwind FX is an RGB lighting solution that is super simple to install and creates a dynamic, customized experience that takes your desktop setup to a whole new level.

Now if the name Whirlwind FX sounds familiar, it’s because we reviewed the Whirlwind FX Element keyboard a few weeks ago. This is the keyboard that is the first content-reactive mechanical keyboard to auto-sync dynamic RGB lighting effects using on-screen analysis for event recognition on any game. And just like the Element, the FX Strips also reacts to what appears on your screen, whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.

The FX Strips kit includes four 20-inch light strips, each with 30 LEDs. The FX Strips are highly flexible and can adhere to any surface with the included 3M adhesive tape. The FX Strips can be used as a single unit or daisy-chained with up to four strips. The strips are connected to a USB plug-and-play strip controller which is connected to your PC’s USB port.

Installation just requires that you plug in the USB strip controller and the Whirlwind FX Engine software. If you already have any other Whirlwind FX products, then you probably already have the Engine software installed. It should automatically recognize the new hardware.

FX Strips

The FX Strips work pretty much like the Element keyboard does and will recognize when a game, movie, or music are playing. This is when the RGB lighting will begin reacting on its own and sync up with the rest of your hardware. It’s a pretty cool effect and makes for an amazing looking desktop.

That’s pretty much it. The FX Strips by Whirlwind FX are mainly cosmetic and add visual cues to your games and media. The reactive nature of them makes them very neat to have and it’s a very simple way to add some flash to your gaming setup. Just note that you can use this on its own without other Whirlwind FX products, but you’ll get the most out of it if you do have their Element Keyboard or Vortex product.

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