In what seems like a surprise move, Microsoft has purchased ZeniMax Media. While you may not be familar with that name, you will be quite familar with the companies under its portfolio. Companies such as iD Software, Arkane Studios, Tango Gameworks, and possibly the biggest in their lineup Bethesda Game Studios.

Company Lineup

Bethesda Game Studios: The Elder Scrolls, Fallout

Tango Gameworks: The Evil Within

Arkane Studios: Dishonored, Prey

iD Software: Doom, Quake, Rage

MachineGames: Wolfenstein

What does this mean for gamers?

It really depends how Microsoft decides to spin it. The deal doesnt finalize til the second fiscal quarter of 2021. So in the meantime you will still see a great deal of your titles multiplattform. What Microsoft does after that is anyone’s guess.

They can go one route and make all the games going forward Xbox / Xbox Game Pass exclusives. Or maybe go the timed exclusive route with them hitting PS4/PS5 later. Or perhaps realize them same time and just have Sony shelf out extra coin. For instance Xbox Game Studios owns game developer Obsidian Entertainment which released “The Outer Worlds” last year on PS4, Xbox, PC, and eventually Nintendo Switch this year.

Let us know what you think of Microsoft upping their creative studio teams from 15 to 23 and if its good or bad for the gaming business.

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