Over the past half-century, a huge number of films have been shot. Cinemas are literally overwhelmed with multimillion-dollar blockbusters and fantastic movies about superheroes. Of course, this is wonderful, but there’s the rub – in such an abundance of popular films, people often miss out some worthwhile high-quality movies. However, there are a lot of amazing underrated films that can tug at heartstrings and affect the worldview of a person. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 5 underrated movies about love that you should watch with a beloved. 

  1. Romantics Anonymous (2010)

IMDb: 6,9

Jean-René is the owner of a small confectionery, who goes crazy over the chocolate and everything connected with it. One day, the man hires Angelica, a handywoman and a talented chef. They both adore their work and drift together on the basis of common interests. However, there is trouble: both Jean-René and Angelica are so modest that they are embarrassed to confess their romantic feelings to each other. How will their love develop? Can they eventually become a real couple? Watch the movie to get the answers to these questions!

  1. The New World (2005)

IMDb: 6,7

“The New World” is a more believable, dramatic, and insightful motion picture about Pocahontas than the eponymous cartoon. It illustrates the legendary story of the romantic relationship between John Smith and the Indian beauty. 

The plot develops against the backdrop of the confrontation of two cultures alien to each other and causes different emotions in the viewer – from tenderness to a sharp pain of empathy. Moreover, amazingly selected filming locations do their bit, immersing viewers into the world of America of the 18th century. Thus, “The New World” will appeal not only to women but also to the representatives of the stronger sex. This is one of the best underrated movies about love to watch on a date!

  1. The Secret Scripture (2016)

IMDb: 6,6

Roseanne McNulty has already been in a psychiatric clinic for so long time that many patients do not even remember why the girl was placed there. The story of this mysterious patient appears to be very intriguing to the new chief doctor, Dr. William Grene, so he decides to find out more information about Roseanne McNulty. And one day, Grene finds Rosanna’s diary, in which the girl has written down her life stories for decades, including the story of tragic love.

  1. Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

IMDb: 6,6

The astute illusionist Stanley has every confidence that he can clear up any mystery and expose any charlatan. If nothing else, the man thinks so until he meets Sophie, a young spiritualist who has conquered one famous and influential family with her outstanding abilities. In endless attempts to expose the lying girl, Stanley unwittingly falls in love with her. Of course, it is not surprising that affection comes unexpectedly. It even happens that a person falls in love with the former partner of his friend. In this case, one should find out how to date a friend’s ex.

  1. Delicacy (2011)

IMDb: 6,6

Nathalie’s happy and cloudless life collapses when her husband suddenly dies. The girl takes the tragical loss of a loved one very hard, shrinks into herself, and gets wrapped up in work. Nathalie quickly works her way up the career ladder and decides to give up on romantic relationships. But once, at the very height of the working day, a timid subordinate named Marcus drops in Nathalie’s office and falls in love with the girl. What will Nathalie do? Will she change her beliefs about love and start a new romantic relationship?

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