Zepp E Circle
Zepp E Circle

Zepp isn’t a new brand, although this is their first foray into the smartwatch arena. The company was once known for its line of niche activity trackers, mainly for golf, baseball, and tennis. Huami acquired the company back in 2018 and has reimagined it as a premium, health and fitness company with its first products being that of high-end smartwatches. Huami is known for its other, hugely popular smartwatch line, Amazfit so with the knowledge they’ve gained from that along with what Zepp brings to the table, the new Zepp E line of health and fitness smartwatches ups the ante with premium style and new features.

First I’d like to thank Zepp for sending over their Zepp E Circle for us to take a look at. The Zepp E is available in both a square and circle version. Both have the same feature set with the only difference being that of the display. The review however will concentrate on the Zepp E Circle as that is the version we are looking at. 

Zepp E Circle


While this might not be the number one priority when it comes to health and fitness trackers, the design of a wearable can affect its appeal. No one wants to wear an ugly wearable no matter how amazing the features are. Luckily for Zepp, the Zepp E Circle is a very attractive smartwatch.

The Zepp E Circle features a 42mm dial and is about 9mm thick. It weighs 32g and feels quite light on your wrist when worn. It’s a tiny bit smaller than what I’m normally used to, but there’s an elegance in its size. This looks more like a fancy analog timepiece than it does a fitness wearable.

In fact, the combination of the stainless steel body and a completely black watch face, coupled with the leather band gives is a very Movado feel. By that I mean it looks very classic and not unlike something you’d wear with casually or with business attire. Of course, you can always dress it down a bit by swapping out bands and the Zepp E Circle makes that very easy to do. For reference, the version we’re testing out came with the Polar night Black Leather Band, but there are four other band colors you can choose from, or you can buy any standard 20mm band to fit this.

Other design cues include an almost flat button on the right of the face, a large group of sensors on the rear, and the use of a magnetic charger.

In terms of design, the Zepp E Circle is definitely a stunner and one of the better-looking watch designs. I like how clean it looks with the bezel-less glass and the fact that if you have multiple bands, it can go from an elegant looking classic watch to a more fitness-oriented one.

Zepp E Circle


Those familiar with Amazfit will find the Zepp E quite familiar. While they share similarities, there are also a few differences where the Zepp E provides a bit more with the tracking of health and fitness data.

This is in part due to its more advanced sensors where it has a Biological Tracking Optical Sensor as well as the normal acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, ambient light sensor, a linear vibration sensor, and GPS.

These sensors allow for various tracking of different workouts, such as running, walking, cycling, and swimming just to name a few. There are 11 total activities that can be tracked. Not only that, it can also track your steps, your heart rate, and your sleep cycles. All of this is pretty general stuff though that most of the Amazfit line already does, but Zepp E takes some of these metrics even further.

What it does do different are these additional metrics. Aside from just your sleep cycle, the Zepp E goes even further and can also gather data about your REM sleep as well as your sleep breathinig quality. I’m not really sure how it does this, or how accurate this is, but it’s an interesting metric to gather.

The Zepp E also tracks SpO2, which is your blood oxygen saturation levels. This is an important indicator of health, especially  in high-altitude and low-oxygen environments or while performing high-intensity workouts. Another important data set the Zepp E tracks is your stress levels, and it does this via heart-rate variability based on four levels – relaxed, normal, medium, and high. This is to help you keep track of your mental well-being. Lastly, this does also use the PAI metric which we first saw in the Amazfit products. This is the Personal Activity Intelligence which just tries to simplify all the data collected into a single easy to understand score.

Zepp E Circle


What was once the Amazfit App, the Zepp App is pretty much the same as it was before. It’s an adaptive app that only shows the feature set intended for a specific product. You will need this app to activate any Amazfit or Zepp product and you will need it to sync all your data collected.

The Zepp app has gotten much better over the years and has become very good at seeing and analyzing all your data collected. Not only that, but data can also finally be synced to Google Fit now if you’re on Android.

The Zepp App will also be the place where you can install new watch faces in which there is quite a good amount to choose from.

Zepp E Circle


The Zepp E is a rather interesting proposition from Huami. This is their most stylish of watches with a modern take on a classic design. The screen is gorgeous on this thing and I like that the Zepp E will go with any type of outfit, regardless if you are working out or not. While the watch is a tiny bit smaller in diameter than what I’m used to, it still looks great on my wrists.

With that said, the premium look does come at a price of $249.99 which is a bit more than their Amazfit counterparts. It’s up to you to decide whether or not that premium materials and added features warrant the higher entry price.

Zepp E Circle can be purchased on Amazon here.

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