Science is always moving, and we make sure of it every day. The world’s best minds in the world come up with incredible ideas that make us admire and cause an incredible desire to get or try this stuff for us. But not only huge companies can be proud of their achievements, but also beginners in science can make discoveries. While you are googling, “Is speedypaper legit to use in colleges?” they are keeping to work hard on their inventions to make their dreams come true. We have collected the tech innovations from students in 2020.

How to Pick Up a Ripe Avocado?

American students have developed a device calculating the ripeness of fruits and vegetables. It will help to reduce the amount of food being thrown away. Every year in the United States, about 40% of all food in the country is wasted. This causes 165 billion dollars in losses. An avocado was chosen to conduct this study, as overripe avocados are often thrown away. At the same time, avocados are expensive and have a high market value. The device developed by students contains sensors to measure certain chemical avocado’s properties. Besides reducing food waste, the device will help consumers choose the ripest avocados. Do you wonder where they got a crazy idea like this? They could have got a science homework helper to complete their theoretical tasks and spent all their free time generating everything they got in mind.

The Neural Network that Prevents You From Skin Cancer

Cancer is still one of the most dangerous diseases worldwide. Day by day, prominent scientists strive to find medicine to save people’s lives. The students from Moscow also have contributed to this area, and we hope that this is just the beginning. The young people taught the neural network to detect melanoma. However, a patient will have to be screened for a more accurate diagnosis. The data are analyzed with the existing images in the database of malignant and benign formations. The database consists of over 2,000 images. This format is convenient for working with remote patients. The program will analyze the images and determine the risk percentage of melanoma development. 

Linen Fiber Bio Car

The vehicle can be recycled. If you decide to throw it away after consuming it, the car will completely decompose. The car from linen fiber is called “Lina,” and the Dutch students created it. Linen fiber is bonded in such a way that it’s equal in quality to aluminum or carbon. The car is driven with the help of an electric motor and has room for four people. However, there is one disadvantage — a car has a low speed. It drives a little faster than a bicycle. Would you like to invent some eco-friendly stuff? You should get heavy thoughts out of your mind, delegate your college tasks to professional writers, asking them, “Please, do my assignment for me,” and start researching the environmental topic better to learn what device you could invent.  

Air Disinfector

The Russian student developed a portable ventilation unit for antibacterial air disinfection. This item became particularly relevant during an epidemiological situation when effective air disinfection at large people gatherings becomes vital. The unit can be used in front of people as ultraviolet spreads inside the unit and doesn’t harm people. Currently, the working model has a large size, but its creators plan to make the device smaller, keeping its effectiveness. The results obtained and working schemes will be patented.

Life-Saving Accessory for Drivers

The student from New Orleans has developed the Safety Pouch that saves time for drivers to find their papers in the glove box when they are stopped for a police check. After police shot several drivers thinking they were trying to get a gun, this idea came to his mind. The bright orange rectangular-shaped case has a special clamp attached to the sun visor inside the car. When the police stop a  driver, he can remove this case and attach it to the window. In addition, there is a transparent pocket on the front of the accessory, which allows us to see the driver’s license and see if he has disabilities. Both policemen and drivers welcomed this idea. 

Smart Traffic Light The polytechnical college students invented a smart traffic light that will save electric energy. Blackouts in emergencies disable traffic lights and, as a result, there are lots of traffic jams. This new invention can solve this problem. The mobile, photoelectric autonomous traffic light is designed to regulate and organize traffic during the repair works on urban and rural roads with traffic in opposite directions. The traffic light can work with a battery for 14 hours in the cloudy weather. While designing, the main attention was paid to the economy, autonomy, mobility, and sequential switching of lights.

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