Oakywood Android Dock
Oakywood Android Dock

What’s more natural than wood from trees? It can be used to make all sorts of beautiful products and it’s a material that is environmentally friendly. Recently I was introduced to a company called Oakywood Woodworking Company that makes unique wooden accessories and wooden decor for your workspace. Their designs are classy and timeless, but also functional which we will see here with the Oakywood Android Dock.

The Oakywood Android Dock is basically just a beautifully carved, solid piece of wood with a USB cable attached to it and a metal backing plate to support your device. You have your choice of either solid walnut or oak wood as well as either a micro USB or USB-C cable.

Installation requires that you push the USB-C or micro USB end into the small hole at the bottom of the dock and then tighten it in place with the included hex key. You would then just run the cable out of the back of the dock and plug it into a power source. In my case, I plugged it into my computer so that it not only became a charging dock but also as a means for me to easily transfer data. Also, note that it can also fast charge if you use a fast-charging block with it. 

Oakywood Android Dock

Other than that, there’s not much else to it. The Oakywood Android Dock is basically just a very simple, beautiful dock that will match and accentuate any desk. For me, I love how it looks and the fact that I don’t need to go searching for a cable anymore to plug in my phone at my desk.

The Oakywood Android Dock is available now on their website here, along with other docks for other devices.

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