25 updates later and NVIDIA’s Shield TV continues to impress.  Since its initial release back in 2015, Shield TV has managed to stay ahead of the game in the streaming box game and there is no stopping it.  

Shield Software Experience Upgrade 8.2 hit the scene last week and adds some updates to keep the different Shield models on similar playing ground. The AI upscaler introed last year on the 2019 models adds more UHD 4K support all the way from 360p to 1440p content. It will now also work on YouTube as well. An additional update will be out this month that will provide some assistance with GeForce Now.

Out of all the remotes Shield has released the 2019 remote has been a gem thus far. There is now more button mapping on the Menu button. You can now do a Single Press, Double Press or Long Hold.  Improvements have been made on the IR/CEC controls which gives more supports for devices including digital projectors. I tend to use mines with Sonos Beam soundbar. You can also change inputs sources now.

Besides these improvements there is also support for more apps and other enhancements on the backend.

NVIDIA continues to support their android devices more than any other manufacturer out there and these are reasons alone I continue to rock with them. If you haven’t yet updated your Shield(s) to the latest version as I just have (was out of today all weekend) please do so.

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