HEX Technical Collection Backpack
HEX Technical Collection Backpack

In this day and age where hygiene is a major issue right now, especially with COVID-19, having gear on us that is resistant to germs is a huge plus. There are smartphone cases now with anti-microbial coatings so why not the bags we carry? HEX has you covered as they’ve introduced there new Technical Collection that features bags with anti-microbial technology for the ultimate in hygiene. There are three featured styles — Backpack, Messenger, and Daily Duffel, and the one we’re looking at is the HEX Technical Collection Backpack. More specifically, the one that comes in their gorgeous, Glacier Camo color.

The HEX Technical Collection is built for style and function as well as durability. They all feature premium materials such as YKK EYL Woven “Tough Zippers” and water and abrasion-resistant textiles including 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon. Each technical bag is also equipped with EVA padded, faux fur-lined storage compartments, and innovative features like a discreet pocket for wireless chargers.

HEX Technical Collection Backpack

The Technical Collection’s full range of features includes: 

  • Premium water-resistant textiles, including 1680D Cordura® Ballistic Nylon
  • All 1680D Cordura® bottoms for tear and abrasion resistance
  • New YKK EYL Woven “Tough Zippers,” 15x more durable than previous zippers
  • EVA padded and faux-fur lined suspension laptop compartment
  • Deluxe front organizers and faux fur-lined phone pocket
  • Integrated pocket for wireless chargers
  • Hidden magnetic seal external pockets
  • Luggage handle pass-through straps
  • Premium custom metal hardware
  • Hideaway rain fly (messenger and backpack only)
  • Flatlay water bottle pocket (backpack and duffel only)
  • Ventilated shoe garage (duffel only)
  • Cinch straps (messenger only)
  • Utility strap (backpack only)
  • EVA molded back panel (backpack only)

For this review though, we’re taking a look at just the backpack. We chose the Technical Collection Backpack because that’s what we use here the most. Backpacks to me are the most versatile types of bags and also the most comfortable to carry for long periods of time.

HEX Technical Collection Backpack


Traditionally, HEX Brand backpacks have been very well made in both quality and materials. The new Technical Collection Backpack is no different. The majority of the backpack uses 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon which is highly resilient against abrasions as well as being hydrophobic. In the case of this backpack, it’s using a glacier camo pattern which is very attractive and gives the bag more character.

The Technical Collection Backpack has one main compartment and some interesting pockets on the front of the bag. Lets first talk about what’s on the outside. First, there is a large sleeve-like pocket that is secured via a magnet. This seems like a pocket that can be used for quick access to something like a magazine or documents.

On top of that, near the bottom is a YKK EYL Woven “Tough Zipper” pocket. This is a smaller compartment that when opened, has some organizational pockets in it. You’d probably use this for something like your keys or wallet or anything else you need to get to quickly, but need secured.

HEX Technical Collection Backpack

On the outside of that small compartment is another magnetically enclosed pocket. It’s pretty small though so you’re a bit more limited of what you can fit here. By the way, these magnetically sealed pockets aren’t weatherproof so whatever you put into these can get wet as water can just drop into them.

The top of the bag sports a small faux-fur lined zipper pocket that is meant for a wireless charger. I don’t have a wireless charger that fits in there to test it with so I can’t tell you if it works or not.

Moving to the sides of the backpack, there is a collapsible water bottle holder on one side and a faux-fur lined phone pocket on the other.

HEX Technical Collection Backpack

Now let’s talk about the main compartment of the Technical Collection Backpack. This compartment also uses the YKK EYL Woven “Tough Zippers” but this one also includes lockable zipper pulls. The main compartment when opened is very large and can swallow loads of items. Inside there’s a faux fur lined laptop sleeve that secures itself with a magnet as well. In front of that, you’ll find more organizational pockets as well as another sleeve that seems like it can be used for a tablet. A lot of what’s inside the bag also is lined with EVA padding for more protection.

Aside from the compartments and pockets, The HEX Technical Collection Backpack is very comfortable to carry. It has well-padded, heavily ventilated shoulder straps and a chest buckle. It also has an EVA molded back panel for more durability as well as a luggage handle passthrough. This backpack also has a really unique feature, which is the hideaway rain fly. Basically, this is like a raincoat for your backpack. It tucks away neatly in a hidden compartment under the bag when not in use but when you do need it, just pull it out and wrap it around your bag. This is a really neat feature that helps keep the bag dry and one that I haven’t really seen on any other bag.


I actually just took the new HEX Technical Collection Backpack with me on a trip and it performed like a champ. I was able to stuff it full of the essentials that I normally take with me. I found the main compartment to be quite large and it was able to swallow up my 13-inch laptop, Nintendo Switch Lite with storage case, and all my various charging cables. Even with all this, there was still extra space left over that I could have filled with other items.

Quality-wise, HEX never disappoints. This is one heavy-duty backpack that is made really well and features lots of high-quality materials. The use of faux fur where you would place delicate items is a very nice touch and one that’s I’ve come to expect from HEX. I also really dig the glacier-camo print as it adds another layer of style to an already impressive looking backpack.

The HEX Technical Collection Backpack is a very versatile bag and one that is very comfortable to carry for long periods of time. This to me makes for a very well-rounded, traveling backpack that I’d take on any trip.

HEX Technical Collection Backpack


HEX has hit it out of the park again with the new HEX Technical Collection Backpack. This is a very functional and good looking bag. Not only that, but the anti-microbial technology embedded in the fabric is also said to repel and resist 99% of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus. That’s more than enough reason to pick this up considering the state of the world these days. I know having a bag that can resist germs just means that’s one less thing I need to worry about.

With that said, the HEX Technical Collection Backpack technically isn’t available yet. You’ll have to head over to their Kickstarter campaign and help them reach their goal with deliveries starting December 2020.

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