Since I got my Sony A6600 over the holidays I been getting more into the accessories such as more glass, mics and a grip/tripod. I saw Sony had this Shooting Grip called the GP-VPT2BT. It looks to be a successor to the VCT-SGR1 which has some of the same abilities’ sans the wires. Using it over the past few months I found this Shooting Grip to have more functionality than I expected.


The GP-VPT2BT looks like an ordinary grip at first. It has the usual screw base to attach your camera to.  But once you get it in hand you see all the capabilities it provides. Its designed for one hand usage with a rather smooth front and slightly curved in the back for better grip.

It features various buttons ranging from Photo, Movie, Zoom, and a C1 button which will work for anything you may have pre-programmed. Besides this just being a grip, its legs also extend out to put it in a tripod mode of sorts. The grip has a tilt function that allows you to go 90 degrees forward or 80 degrees back. This can be achieved by loosen it using the dial on the right and pressing the button on the left.


The best thing going for the GP-VPT2BT is its wireless. It relies on Bluetooth for connection to your camera. Setting it up was not that bad. It mostly required you going to the Bluetooth settings on your Sony camera and following the steps and I was good to go. The Shooting Grip runs off a CR2032 battery and its been smooth thus far. I had expected it to eventually die or need replacing. I am surprised Sony did not go the recharging route though.


While I did not think I be using it as much I found it to be very handy. Whether I was taking pictures or shooting video, using the grip helped make some of my footage easier to capture. I was able to angle my arms better thanks to the grip and not worry about dropping the camera at any points. The buttons are super responsive and work as if you are pretty much pressing the buttons on the actual camera itself.

Putting it in tripod mode is great for the vlogger in mind. You can set it on a table, city streets and angle it to your liking thanks to the tilt options. I even found it good for doing some hands-on video of products.

Only thing I couldn’t test out is the Zoom button. Since I am using a mirrorless camera and not say a point and shoot, I couldn’t get a feel for it. But if you want to see it in action you can check out TechGuySmartBuy review as he uses it with the Sony ZV-1.


For a $140, is it worth spending on a camera grip? Realistically depends on your intent with it. If you have vlogging in mind it does wonders with its tripod option and even just holding it if you want to do selfie-esque video shooting. If you just want to snap a photo or video you could get something similar and probably with wires for at least half the price.

The Sony Wireless Shooting Grip is available on Amazon right now for $138.

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