As I started to fill my home up with the Alexa and Google devices of the world, I realized I didn’t have any actual clocks to look at in my living room or my bedroom. Sure, I could ask one of the virtual assistants to tell me the time but its just nice to see and glance over at a clock sometimes. Heck I could even grab my phone which is a given nowadays. So, this is where Wakey by Soundcore (powered by Anker) comes into view. After using it for a couple weeks do I really miss having an actual alarm clock?


Wakey falls under the Soundcore umbrella of Anker’s products. Soundcore typically covers the audio category of their devices. Out the box, the Wakey has a nice rubberized matte finish that makes it super light and feels durable. This one provided by Anker is a white colorway with a gray fabric speaker grill and minimal gray accents for the buttons and branding. I like the modern look of the Wakey and how it fits into my décor. It features various ports on the back such as an aux jack, two USB ports and a FM antenna jack. On top is a rubberized circle to rest your phone on to utilize the QI wireless fast charging capabilities.

Setup / Features

Getting the Wakey up and running didn’t take long and was rather painless. Just make sure you download the Soundcore app and select Wakey as the device you want to setup. You go in your Bluetooth settings and select Wakey and you are pretty much in the clear. The clock automatically updated to the correct time and the app gives you various options to tinker with. While Wakey is always in your list of BT devices, it seems you have to connect to it everytime you use it.

With the main focus of this being an alarm clock there are 15 different alarm options to choose from or you can just choose the FM radio. It does come with an FM Antenna and I tried to use it but where the Wakey is in my bedroom and the fact I have horrid reception I wasn’t getting much tunes in. But I really don’t use FM radio and have veered towards digital over the years anyway.

Besides an alarm there is a white noise generator. It has just about everything you need, and you can even mix up some themes if you are looking for something specific.

Let’s talk about that LED display. It gets bright whether in the brightest of days or the darkest of nights. There is an option to make it adjustable to the environment or also customize it yourself.


So, I didn’t realize how much this bumps until I went to a friend’s house. I had given them one as a housewarming gift and come over and it was pretty much filling up the living room. It’s not the most pristine sound but I can see it working in a bedroom. It feels dual drivers giving you 10W sound. It also utilizes Bluetooth 5.0. I think you will be surprised how much sound this thing produces though. Using it with music apps such as Spotify and even YouTube everything is seamless and right on point.


This is a jack of all trades alarm clock. No doubt about it. Besides telling the time and waking you up, it has white noise to help you sleep and various ways of charging your phone(s). It syncs up with your smartphones or you can go old school with FM radio. Its modern design can fit into any home and I think you will like it in yours too.

Only thing that put you off a bit is the price. If you are just looking for an alarm clock it can be a costly one, but if you consider all the additions and using it them it can be more of a worthy purchase. Soundcore Wakey retails for $74.99-89.99 in Black or White.

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