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VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse Review

VicTsing Wireless Mini Mouse

We’ve already looked at two other VictSing products here and for the most part, we’ve been quite pleased with their products. They seem to be made very well and function the way they’re supposed to. Not only that, but they also seem to be fairly inexpensive and affordable. The same goes for this third product which they sent, which is the VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse. This is a compact, travel-friendly mouse with style.

The first thing you’ll notice about the VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse is the color followed by its size. VictSing consciously made the mouse Mint Green to differentiate it from your everyday, run of the mill boring black colored mouse. This makes it more eye-catching and unique. As for the size, the VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse is smaller than most regular mice. It’s meant to be compact and portable, yet still be ergonomically friend in your palm. Area wise, it’s a little bit larger than a credit card.

VicTsing Wireless Mini Mouse

Other design elements rubberized side grips for a firmer hold and skin-friendly materials for more comfortable use. I don’t know what that means exactly. I can say that the mouse has a matte finish to it and feels very smooth in your hands. The VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse also features ultra-quiet buttons that are supposed to reduce noise by 90%. They are indeed quieter than normal buttons and don’t make that distinct click sound that other mice make. Another button located on the top is the DPI switch with five different DPI settings – 2400 / 2000/1600/1200/800.

VicTsing Wireless Mini Mouse

The VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse also features three connections methods – 2.4G, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0. The 2.4G requires a dongle which is included with the mouse and that needs to be plugged into the computer. If you’re using a Bluetooth connection, you just need to tap the button under the mouse to switch to either BT1 or BT2 and hold it to pair. In essence, you can connect up to three devices to the mouse, each using its own connection type.

Like with the other VictSing mouse we looked out, there is no special driver to install. It’s pretty much plug-n-play. You will need to provide your own AA battery to power it however and there is an on and off switch on the bottom to conserve power when not in use. Specs show that it can last up to 26 months on a single battery with an intelligent energy-saver mode.

VicTsing Wireless Mini Mouse

If you’re looking for a very stylish and attractive travel mouse, then the VictSing Wireless Mini Mouse is for you. The small, compact size makes it easily portable and makes it a great companion for those who use laptops. I actually like it because the smaller size is great for children with smaller hands and the fact that it’s wireless makes it more versatile especially with its three connection modes. Lastly, the VicTsing Wireless Mini Mouse is very affordable at $20.00 [Purchase on Amazon] which makes it great for those who want to use this at home or on the go.

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