While your tech is important what you decide to carry it in can be just as crucial. Over the past few months, I have gotten back into using cameras and I have a mirrorless one. Been used to bringing it around with me more but I sometimes do not want to lug around a huge bag to accomplish this. There is where I was hoping the Ranger Camo DSLR Mini Sling would come into play.


First thing you will notice when grabbing the HEX Mini Sling is the build quality. It feels superb as its been outfitted with a water-resistance 900D Poly material. YKK Zippers are all over this bag and are metal tabs so your unlikely experience and wear, tear or bends.  

There are adjustable straps which have a hidden stash pocket on one of the ends if you need to conceal anything small and important. There is a handle on the back if you do not feel like carrying it around your shoulder and just want to one hand it. Hex gives you options when carrying this bag.

The Mini Sling has three main areas to carry your stuff in. There is a front pocket that is outlined in faux fur if you want to throw your phone or glasses in or maybe both. Above that is a bigger pocket which could be used more so for cable management. There are three slender slots and then two bigger ones in there. I kept cable wires in there and some of my business cards in the larger spots.

The main area is where you utilize most of your storage. It has a Velcro divider that can be sectioned into three parts. You can use this to separate your mirrorless camera, lens, and maybe another device. As Hex mentioned it can fit a DJI Mavic Mini Drone if you want to talk about compacted. I was hoping to find my Parrot Anafi drone but its just misses the mark by an inch or two.  

The Mini Sling comes in this Glacier Camo colorway but there is also a solid Black or Camo(green) one if you prefer that.


I been using the Mini Sling off and on again and one thing I learned is this bag is small. This is good and bad depending how you look at it. If you are a minimalist this sling will work wonders for you. You can get just the right amount of cargo in here and be about your day. But with its size means you may have to make some sacrifices. You cannot overpack it by any means. I would carry my Sony A6600 and a lens or two and it be full. The smaller pockets help with additional storage but filling up that main compartment can even take away from them once it expands. I mostly keep the dividers out too.


The Ranger Camo DSLR Mini Sling is a great looking sling bag and its size is super compact which will work wonders for the minimalist. Only issue you may have with this bag is it might be TOO compact If you feel you want to carry more than a camera, lens and phone you may want to opt for the larger Sling.

The HEX Ranger Glacier Camo DSLR Mini Sling is $69.99, and its larger Sling is $99.95.

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