Back in 2019, Skullcandy went full on in the truly wireless market with not one but three styles of earbuds. There was the Indy, Push, and Sesh. We spent a good deal of two with the first two and even did a compare of sorts. This year Skullcandy is at again with these different styles but each has been revised a bit. Here we are taking a listen with what are being called “Push Ultra”. They definitely “Push” bound colors like its predecessor but what about with sound?


The “Push” line always seems to dive into trying different designs and the Ultra is no different. They feature moldable ear hooks that just about adjust to any ear setting.  They can bend and twist in any direction and wrap around your ear with ease. Best of it can be undone just as quick. All throughout the earbud is a rubberized material that is rated IP67 which makes them sweat, water, and dust proof. Once wrapped around your ears they fit into your ear canal. Maybe its my ears but I didn’t find the comfiest for long periods in my ear canal. But they are secure and never felt like they would fall out walking and running around. 

On each earbud there is volume control buttons, and a multi-function button. I would typically call it a power button, but it does so much more than that.

Like the Push, the Push Ultra has a rather large charging case. It does utilize Fast Type C charging, but also can be done wirelessly as well. The case looks to be had the same rubberized materials on the earbuds themselves. While I’m not a fan of the size of this case it does give 34hrs of additional power that goes along the 6hrs in the earbuds. That equals an impressive 40hrs of total battery. Most you are likely to see 15-20.

Skullcandy provided us with their “Energized yellow” colorway while Black is also available. They have a “Bleached Blue” that is slated for 2021.

Skullcandy Push Ultra comes with a Type C cable and Wireless Charging Case.


If you are worried about losing your earbuds, Skullcandy has added Tile to each earbud. You can use it to locate each one which is good. long as your device is charged up. Tile was seen available in the Crusher ANC last year. Also like those headphones you can Push Ultra with the Skullcandy app. Well of anyway. You can see what EQ setting you are on as there is three different options. But for whatever reason Skullcandy didn’t make it available to change in the app. It is kind of makes it useless to use the app quick frankly than. Hope its something Skullcandy will update in the future. Trying to access the EQ settings via the button prompts seems to be a hit or miss for me. Also, worth mentioning Push Ultra earbuds can be used independently so you can leave one in the case if you like. Like the Push these are utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 for near stream less connection.


Skullcandy managed to put 12.5mm drivers for audio listening. No active noise cancelling with the Push Ultra, but they do a decent job of blocking out some noise. Audio is not bad on them but feel they don’t have much thump in their “Music” setting. If you decide to jump up to the “Movie” mode, you will get some of that. These are all in that EQ setting. There is a “Podcast” option too which cuts out most of the bass. I did feel that since you are relying on getting these adjusted to each ear each wear things may not always sound the same. I did notice how these earbuds will stay synced when put back in the case and are being charged. A couple of times music was playing, and I even got a call and missed it.


This year’s 2020 “Push” has welcome features such as Tile, wireless charging and a humongous battery life. Its rubberized build feels durable and can handle various weather conditions. I do miss the “Push” of 2019 as I felt the ear canal fit was tighter and the case while big was not this huge and cumbersome.

Skullcandy Push Ultra is available for $99.99.

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