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Sonos Adds an Arc, Updates Sub and Five

PlayBar has been replaced

Sonos fans have been anticipating it for awhile but Sonos has gone ahead and came out with a new soundbar simply called “Arc”. It looks to replace its first soundbar the PlayBar (released in 2013) and its PlayBase (2017). Its design language is reminiscent of the smaller Beam (2018) but looks to be stretched out end to end for a wider profile. 

Arc looks to be one of the most immersive speakers Sonos has created. It not only has speakers firing at you but also upwards and even from the sides. Its packing an exhilarating 11 drivers that you would not notice with it being so discreet.  There is support for Dolby Atmos and utilizes a connection of HDMI eArC or ARC.

Like the Move, Beam, and One it does incorporate Voice Control supporting either Alexa or Google Assistant. Infrared is also in play to support your remote control.  There is also support for Apple’s AirPlay 2. All this runs off Sonos S2 system and as per Sonos, the Arc will be compatible with your prior devices, so they will not be left in the cold. The new app will be available on June 8th.

Arc is coming out on June 10th with pre-orders available today for $799 with colors of White or Black.

Sonos also revised its Sonos Sub now coming in at Gen 3 and its Play:5 has been rebranded to Sonos 5. These devices will incorporate more processing power and memory but still being a strong provider of the bass, you need. Sonos 5 will be $499 while Sonos Sub (Gen 3) will be $699. Both available for pre-order with availability also June 10th like the Arc.  

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