HaierTAB Robot Vacuum
HaierTAB Robot Vacuum

I’m sure a lot of you live busy lives right now and there’s not always enough time to clean the house on the regular basis. One of the most time consuming things to clean is the floor yet it’s probably the most import thing we should clean. I know my floors get dirty from shoes when we forget to take them off, dirt being brought in from outdoors, pet hairs, dust, and other random things. So wouldn’t it be nice if something could at least clean the floors for us on a schedule for those times when we can’t do a thorough job ourselves? Of course I’m talking about a robot vac and in this case, the HaierTAB Robot Vacuum and Mop. This isn’t just an ordinary robot vacuum and mop however as this thing has a major hidden trick up its sleeves that I’ve never seen on another robot vacuum before, but I’ll explain what that is later.

The HaierTAB looks very much like other circular shaped robot vacuums. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and others, including the Roomba. Unlike other consumer products, most robot vacuums don’t really have any unique defining features on the outside where you can easily tell them apart. That means the HaierTAB basically looks like an oversized plastic hockey puck with wheels.

HaierTAB Robot Vacuum

However, it’s not what the HaierTAB looks like that makes it special. It is what’s on the inside that makes the HaierTAB interesting. This is a robot vac that makes a few firsts in this field. For starters, the HaierTAB has the first tangle-free bladed roller technology. Unlike regular rollers that are meant to pick up hair and debris, the tangle-free technology will cut long hair that wraps itself around the roller allowing it to get sucked up like it’s supposed to. I’ve been using the HaierTAB for about 3 weeks, running every other day and so far it seems to be working. I haven’t had one hair tangle. I don’t know if hair tangles are an issue with other robot vacuums, but I know it used to be an issue regular old vacuum cleaners.

Secondly, and here’s what makes the HaierTAB more special than any other robot vacuum and that’s the built-in detachable handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s a modular system where most of the main cleaning power is located on this detachable unit. That means the dust box, the battery, exhaust fan, and battery all come out as a mini vacuum cleaner for when you have to get to those hard to reach places. It also makes emptying out the dust box much easier, which I suggest doing every other day or sooner depending on how large your cleaning area is.

While those are two of the unique features found in the HaierTAB robot vacuum, that’s not all that makes it special. It has some really great specs to boot. It has 3200Pa of suction power to easily lift most debris off floors. It also has an integrated mop with a 240ml water tank. There are three levels of water level adjustment to control the dripping of water. This too seems to work just fine and allows for extra cleaning power you don’t get from just an ordinary vacuum.

HaierTAB Robot Vacuum

Other features include a high performance lithium battery good for 150 minutes per charge which translates to about 255 square meters of cleaning. Charging occurs when the HaierTAB finishes cleaning and will return to the base station on its own. It knows where this is thanks to it’s 4 core 1.2GHz CPU, the latest Google Cartographer system and optimized Google coding. The HaierTAB is able to memorize the layout of your home and where it has cleaned and where it hasn’t. It’s also able to avoid obstacles with its SLAM tech and LDS laser ranging radar. Lastly there’s a sensor that will allow the HaierTAB to avoid falling.

HaierTAB Robot Vacuum


To properly use the HaierTAB, you’ll need to download the TATA Future app to your phone. The app allows you to fully customize where you want it to clean. You can set cleaning zones as well as restricted zones where you don’t want it going. The app is also used to update the firmware on the HaierTAB, schedule its cleaning times, and keep track of cleaning times and battery charge. Basically once you set everything on it, you’ll most likely not have to touch it again.

The same goes for the the HaierTAB itself. You’ll never need to supervise the HaierTAB. The only thing you’ll need to do manually is empty out the dust collector. Of course once in a while if you don’t pick up loose items on your floor, you might need to unravel some string that might get caught on the spinning brush or if something gets caught in the wheels. Sometimes, the vac will get caught up on an obstacle that it just can’t handle, but it’ll shut itself down in that situation. You’ll need to manually start it back up after removing the obstacle.

Despite that, the HaierTAB robot vacuum has been a joy to use and has made major cleanups a lot less major since it does a lot of the heavy lifting on its own.

HaierTAB Robot Vacuum


I pretty impressed with the HaierTAB. By that I mean I mean it does exactly what it says it does and in all honestly, I haven’t had to mess with it much after getting it all set up and scheduled. The only thing I need to do to it is empty out the dust box every now and then and just check to see if there’s anything caught in any of the moving parts from time to time. Other than that, it has been pretty smooth sailing with it.

Part of that has to do with the cutting mechanism on the rollers which keeps hair from getting tangled up. That’s a really goof feature and supposedly one that is exclusive to the HaierTAB. The other exclusive feature and what’s mainly the “secret” that I refer to in the title is the built-in hand vacuum that can be detached from the main unit. The basically makes the HaierTAB a 2-in-1 unit.

With that said, the HaierTAB is a robot vacuum you should consider if you’re in the market. It has excellent sucking power, a fairly long lasting battery, and exclusive features not found on other robot vacuums.

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