Believe it or not besides covering tech, I have a special place for cleaning equipment. It may be more so as I have allergies and asthma, so I try and keep things as dust free as possible. I prefer vacs over brooms as you never really get everything up. Problem is I have a huge vacuum so unraveling the wires and plugging it up can be a headache at times. That’s where Eufy’s HomeVac H11 comes into play. 

You may be unfamiliar with the name Eufy but have heard of Anker before. Eufy is Anker Innovation’s smart home brand which carries various devices but at a lower price point. Anker was nice enough to send out their HomeVac H11 and will let you know how it’s been in my daily life. 


The HomeVac H11 is about 14” in length or can be compared to the overall length of a wine bottle. Funny enough it’s so similar as its wide at the bottom and gets thinner as you go up. It has a non-slip grip which makes it easy to handle and never feels like you will drop it.

Underneath that is a microUSB port for charging (would have liked Type-C) and vent for cooling so it doesn’t overheat. Spin it around and you will have the power button with a three light LED indicator. 

Eufy out the box must be assembled as it comes in various parts. There is of course the base which houses the rechargeable battery, its nozzle and the protection cap. Its nozzle holds the removable and cleanable two-piece filter.  

I like how the HomeVac H11 with the cap on can be sat up anywhere whether it’s on a desk or on the floor as its design helps it blend in with everything. Sometimes I do forget where I put it at though. 

Eufy HomeVac H11 comes with a microUSB cable and 2-in-1 crevice tool 


HomeVac H11 is all about portability and ease of use which can make even the novice cleaner achieve its tasks. Its packing 5500Pa suction power which means it can effortlessly grab up crumbs or dust off most surfaces whether it’s the floor or your couch. Its filter also helps scoop up all this material and provide easy maintenance for later. 

Its 2-in-1 crevice tool can be attached to the nozzle if you want to get smaller areas such as keyboards or delicate spots you don’t want to use the full power of the open nozzle on. It’s also good for corners as well. 


So as mentioned I have a big vac, which I regularly use to clean my entire apartment with, but at times I just want to get some crumbs up without all that hassle. I been using the HomeVac H11 for the past couple months and its been a hit in some areas. It’s been good for getting crumbs and dust off my fabric couch and my wood table without issue. I have used it to get material off the floor too in some areas. I found the crevice tool to be more of an annoyance as you have to kind of jam it into the nozzle and its suction power isn’t the greatest. Also, stuff gets caught in the bristles easy.  Additionally there is nowhere to storage it so you have to just have it laying on the side somewhere. Like a hook or magnet been nice.

Eufy gives you 13 minutes of time with this Vac which I feel typically takes a couple hours to charge. I wish it had some more time as I always end up throwing it on the charger right after I finish with it. 

Cleaning it is easy though, just twisting off the top and emptying the waste. With the filter you can mostly just pull the dirt off. I washed it here and there but didn’t feel I needed to every time. 

One change I want to see made to the next HomeVac is its motor fan vent. It blows out heavy which sounds good but since it points downward it can sometimes blow whatever you are attempting to clean up away. I know moving it can change its sleek aesthetics but it may be needed.  


HomeVac H11 is a nice handheld vacuum that’s easy to use and can be stored anywhere with its light and sleek size. Cleaning it isn’t a chore and charging it is a simple plug in to a microUSB outlet. Only gripes really is I’d like to see a longer battery life and moving that motor fan vent to alleviate blowing debris around. If you are interested in the HomeVac H11 by Eufy its available for $59.99 and additional filters are $12.99

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