Which originally began as a Kickstarter, the Travel Tripod has become of the more sought after tripods to enter the market in awhile. This has to do with its ability to actually live up to its name and be a tripod you want to travel with. It can extend out to the size of traditional tripod lengths but compact to the size of a thick water bottle.

After almost a year being on Kickstarter raising over $12 million with over 27K backers, the Travel Tripod is now available in two styles of either Carbon Fiber($599.99) or Aluminum Alloy($349.95).

With everything going on the world right now, Peak Design has decided to donate 100% of its sales from its launch date April 7th to April 10th to The CDC Foundation to support their efforts on the front-lines of COVID-19 response, and to Climate Neutral, an organization that helps businesses from all industries verifiably achieve carbon neutrality.

These sales aren’t just limited to PeakDesign.com but retailers worldwide selling the Travel Tripod.

This is an incredible thing by Peak Design to help assist in efforts to this ever growing pandemic of COVID-19 and also not take away from the importance of climate change.

Peak Design Donates 100% of Profits From its 4-Day Travel Tripod Launch
Funds will be Distributed Between COVID-19 Response and Combating Climate Change

San Francisco, CA (April, 2020) –Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry
solutions, has announced it will donate 100% of profits from all Travel Tripods sold during the company’s highly
anticipated launch, April 7, through April 10, 2020. Profits will include both sales of tripods through
PeakDesign.com and through retailers worldwide. Funds generated by the launch will be donated to the CDC
Foundation to support their efforts on the front-lines of COVID-19 response, and to Climate Neutral, an
organization that helps businesses from all industries verifiably achieve carbon neutrality.
Peak Design depends on a global network of partners to ensure their products are safely manufactured and
delivered. The launch of the Travel Tripod is an opportunity for Peak Design to continue to financially support
their colleagues while helping to address two global crises. “Now more than ever is the time for us to act on our
core values and ensure that our employees, contractors and retail partners can find economic shelter in a
product we’ve spent years developing,” commented Peak Design CEO, Peter Dering. “Peak Design is also in a
unique position to offer financial support to those that are solving the problem. To be able to donate in a time of
need speaks volumes to the company we’ve built over the last ten years. I couldn’t be more proud,” continued
Peak Design understands that sustainability programs may come under threat as businesses are forced to
examine expenditures due to COVID-19. In addition to donating to the CDC Foundation to support Coronavirus
relief, Peak Design hopes additional aid to Climate Neutral will help to bolster the response to climate change.
“Unfortunately we haven’t swapped one global disaster for the other. Climate change is still a very real threat
amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and we fear that many businesses will be forced to consider the economic
viability of their sustainability commitments,” states Dering. “We can’t afford to relinquish the progress we’ve
made in combating climate change.”
The Peak Design Travel Tripod was originally launched on Kickstarter in May 2019, and raised $12.1M from
27,168 backers. Praised for its ground up reexamination of traditional tripod design, Peak Design achieved the
world’s most portable, packable, and easy-to-setup tripod for professionals and first-time tripod owners alike.
Customers can choose between carbon fiber (MSRP: $599) and aluminum alloy (MSRP: $349.95) starting April
7, at 12am PST.
For more information about the Peak Design Travel Tripod, please visit:
http://www.peakdesign.com/pages/travel-tripod. To learn more about the CDC Foundation’s efforts in
supporting the people, communities, and healthcare providers on the global frontline of coronavirus response,
please visit: http://www.cdcfoundation.org. To learn more about how Climate Neutral assists businesses to
achieve carbon neutrality, please visit http://www.climateneutral.org.

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