Sony recently unveiled the new look its controller for the PlayStation 5. Called the DualSense, this new controller sports a design different from previous generations of its DualShock controllers. With a new two-tone black and white color screen, this marks a departure from Sony’s usual solid black controllers. Will this new controller signal an incoming two-toned PS5 as well? One can only speculate for now.

The new controller has so far received favorable remarks from potential buyers with many stating that they liked the new controller, and others commenting its likeness to that of the Xbox controller design. The new wireless controller sports new features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. The new DualSense will also remove the share button this time around, but no word yet on what will replace it. Also another new feature and keeping with the times, the DualSense will charge via USB-C.

No further word has been given on the launch of the PlayStation 5, and the 2020 holidays is still looking like when Sony is trying to launch with this new console. You can read more about the new DualSense controller on their blog here –

Personally I like the new design and my only hope is that they will have more colors as well available. I like the look of the white controller, but I don’t know how I feel about the maintenance of trying to keep that clean over time and use haha.

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