Having gotten my AirPods Pro as a xmas gift and how fast they accumulate lint.,dirt, and being oh so white, I felt it was necessary to get a case for them. I ran into the good team Catalyst at CES and they had a case that looked to not only keep the AirPods protected but also waterproof. 


Catalyst’s case is considered premium silicone and wraps around most of the case once inside.  There is a detachable plug at the bottom if you need to use a lightning cable to charge up. You can just go the wireless charging route as the case is compatible. To gain access to your AirPods, just peel down the top of the silicone case and you can pop the top up to pull out your Pros.

Its rated IP67 meaning its waterproof up to 1m, while it has a Mil Std grade of 810 which gives up to 4ft of drop protection.

Included with the Premium case is a carabiner if you need to hook it to yourself, backpack, etc.


I been using the case mainly since I applied it at CES only taking off to take photos for the most part. It helped the Pros stay cleaner than they were. Also, I haven’t run into crazy rain and may have dropped them a couple times, but they are holding up. So, the IP and Mil ratings have been doing their part thus far. The Flame Red colorway that Catalyst provided has been a stand out and looks good I might add.


For the price of $34.99, Catalyst has made a superb case that has held its own over the past month. Wireless charging works flawlessly, and the carabiner is a nice touch. If you feel you might be dropping your Pros too often or come across some bad weather conditions you might want to give this case a go.

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