Destiny 2 is my game of choice all day, everyday. Those that know me know this. I’m fanatical about it. It’s almost a point of pride for me. So, naturally, I want to see the game do well. With the new seasons and season changes being a part of Destiny 2 the game has been much more fun and challenging but Bungie has misfired at times with either ridiculous content or just not listening to the community. Granted, they can’t get it all right and they can’t possibly take on everyone’s suggestions but there are some things that I think they can do that everyone in the community would love. Of course that’s just my opinion but I’ll run it down and hopefully Bungie gets a read of this article and takes it into consideration. By the way, I’ll be making a lot of references to Destiny 1 in this article because there’s a lot it got right that Destiny 2 fails at. This whole article is just wishful thinking about things I would like to see happen to my favorite game but probably won’t. It’s nice to dream anyway.


Destiny 1’s best asset was it’s weapon selection, especially the raid weapons if you could beat them. Every Tuesday reset was the day to get your crew and grind for the best of the best weapons in the game. This was fun. I can recall time after after time grinding for the Icebreaker and the Fang of Ir Yut (which I never ever got by the way). This was the ebb and flow of Destiny 1. The raid weapons specifically in the Vault of Glass were always killer and a lot of fun to use but most of the raid weapons in D1 were dope. The Vex Mythoclast had to be my favorite raid weapon ever. It got nerfed for being too powerful in the crucible right away but even afterwards it was still a ton of fun to use. The Vision of Confluence was an incredible scout rifle. It was the reason I used scout rifles at all and continue to do so. Atheon’s Epilogue was a killer auto rifle that shredded in the crucible. The best part of raid weapons? They had elemental damage as a primary weapon. While we do have weapons in D2 that have elemental damage, they’re relegated to energy and power weapons which is cool but wouldn’t it dope to have all of you weapons be able to use an element? I think so. Bungie should bring these weapons back to the game. They brought so many others back, why not these? Bungie could make it like a 2-week event with all of the raids from D1 being available in D2 and everyone can get their crew and run all those old raids with current light level updates and loot drops up to 3 times per raid per day to try to get those weapons and if you missed it after the 2 weeks then you missed it but I would love to see them at least come back one time instead of some dumb exotic quest that makes no sense. Saint-14 is back so Bungie can do this. Oh yeah, can we get Plan C back because fusion rifles in D2 are traaaash!


The big problem with D2 as I see it is that everyone kind of uses the same weapons. No matter the event, you’ll almost always see a uniform use of common weapons and it’s kind of annoying. I’m tired of playing Gambit and being killed by a Hammerhead machine gun. If I’m gonna get killed, every now and then I’d last to get blasted by a rocket launcher. In the crucible, it’s the Luna’s Howl, Arbalest, Last Word and a few other annoying choice guns. There’s no variety in the meta anymore. If you’re not using certain guns you’re done in most events PvE and PvP. That’s so limiting and most of the guns in the game that aren’t these meta and pinnacle weapons aren’t very good and are largely useless. No weapon however is more useless than the rocket launcher now. What happened Bungie? Why is the rocket launcher so pointless now? I know you tried to bring some excitement back to the rocket launcher with the Deathbringer but that was a shit rocket launcher, let’s keep it real. Everything was more fun with rocket launchers. Crucible was much more fun when you could blast an enemy with the Gjallarhorn, Truth or Hunger of Crota just to name a few of the popular ones. Even in PvE hitting a group of enemies or a boss with a rocket launcher had some meaning when it came to doing some damage. In D2 now, I can’t see the reason to use a rocket launcher over a machine gun or linear fusion rifle or grenade launcher and I think that kinda sucks.


I know I’ve been referring back to D1 a lot. While D2 in certain aspects is leagues better than D1, there are things that D1 did so much better than D2 does now. The PvP maps in D1 were a lot more fun to engage in than these maps are and it’s part of the reason other than rampant cheating on PC and shitty pinnacle weapons in the Crucible that the community hates D2 PvP. The maps suck. I actually think Bungie has realized this to be fair to them. That’s why the Rusted Lands map has returned. Bring back the Anamoly, Frontier, Firebase Delphi and Blind Watch just to name a few. These were kick ass maps and some of my personal favorites. Bring at least one of em back.


Ahhh, the Crucible. I want to love the crucible in Destiny 2 but unfortunately, I don’t. Again, I refer back to D1. D1 didn’t get everything right as it pertains to the crucible but all I can really remember being a problem back then was just some of the weapons occasionally being OP and it made the power shift within the crucible very drastic for those not fortunate enough to get them via drop or raid. Sometimes you’d be playing against a team all wielding the same weapon, the Thorn was one of those weapons in particular. The maps however, were excellent and they allowed for much more fair play for all types of players. The maps in D2 as I see it, mostly favor shotgunners and snipers. Not only that, rampant cheating on the PC has made the crucible at times hard to deal with although coincidentally as of this writing Bungie announced this week that cheating would be addressed with strict bans and be closely monitored going forward. Add some balance to the crucible by buffing certain weapons every week based on usage percentages for the prior week. Basically, if auto rifles are the least used weapon in a specific week, buff them drastically to have more people engage in more auto rifle play, this would frustrate some people who snipe and shotgun if they’re getting clipped by a buffed auto rifle quickly in a few shots but they’ll be ok, now they know how we feel sometimes with their sneaky, hiding shit. Just to give an example. My example may not make sense but may make it more fun.

The Iron Banner now offers literally NO incentive to play it at all. The pinnacle weapons aren’t worth it. They’re just re-skinned versions of other weapons that you already have that either suck or you don’t use. I remember a point in time when we couldn’t wait for the Iron Banner to roll around to get the Efrideet’s Spear or the Felwinter’s Lie or the Radegast Fury all of which were monster weapons in the banner, PvE and just really fun to use because they had perks exclusive to those weapons and those weapons alone. What the fuck happened? These last two seasons especially this one was one of the most boring playthrough’s and grind within the Iron Banner I’ve ever experienced. The stupid Iron Banner quest this season had you get kills and perform tasks with every weapon type only for it to give you nothing at the end, nothing worth using or keeping that is. All that work for no pay off. Either fix Iron Banner or just exclude it altogether. It’s no different from the standard crucible right now and the crucible kinda sucks so you guys are just gonna have the crucible and Iron Banner suck?


Look, I’m a realist. The things I talked about in this article probably won’t happen not because Bungie wouldn’t want them to but more so because it wouldn’t be technically feasible. Trying to bring over all that content from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 would probably wreak havoc on their servers which we already complain about enough when we see the dreaded “Connecting to Destiny Servers” message on the bottom of our screens while playing sometimes. Can you imagine if they brought over that good stuff what would happen? This article is more about pointing out where Destiny 2 is kind of failing in the weapons and fun department. Destiny 2 is great but there’s an element of fun that I think is missing because everybody is using the same weapons for every part of the game. The variety is gone in Destiny 2 as I see it. Of course, others may see it differently but I’ve been playing this game since the beta and I know how good this game is and can be even better. That’s all I’d like to see really. Bring the fun back Bungie. Right now playing Destiny 2 feels like homework. The fun of getting your crew together to raid or play the Banner isn’t there and for me that’s a problem. I want this game to continue to be great. I’m sure Bungie has some cool things coming but right now it doesn’t feel like it.

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