We are at the point where wireless charging is instituted in a variety of mobile devices not just in phones or even smartwatches, but this also now includes your wireless earbuds or headphones. More real estate is required for these said devices and this is where Nomad comes into play. Their Base Station Hub Station alleviates some of your wireless charging woes and looks to be one of the most stylish wireless pads crafted to date.


Nomad has fashioned a sweet mix of aluminum and leather for their Base Station. Its outer frame is constructed with aluminum giving it a strong industrial look while padded leather is placed on top for you to place your devices on. This gives the Base Station a sophisticated look that you wouldn’t mind on your desk or coffee table. It measures in a length of 10.3in across which makes it possible to place multiple smartphones on it. Concealed beneath that leather is three QI enabled charging coils.

Hiding around its wafer-thin frame is three LED charging indicators in the front (which light up orange) while the back has a USB-A 7.5W port and a USB-C PD 18W port.

Nomad Base Station Hub Edition comes with an AC adapter and international adapter plugs for the UK and EU.


With the three charging coils pushing out 10W independently on the Nomad Base Station you can either charge two devices diagonal or one horizontal that would take up the entire pad. I have mainly used it for charging with an iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 3XL, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Anker SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds. With the two ports on the back I have kept the USB-A plugged up with a Type C cable with charge adapter attached for my Huawei Watch GT.


I found a nice spot to place my Nomad charging pad and that’s on a stand next to my couch. I been using the Base Station for the past couple months trying to get a feel for it in my daily life. Most of the time I’d throw my iPhone on there and usually the Anker case for my earbuds. Only gripe I have with the Base Station is trying to find the sweet spot to place your device. Since there is no marking on the padding you might be re-positioning a bit to get the correct area. Other than that, I had no issues charging devices that was even with most that utilized cases.


For $99.95 you get quite the charging hub. With multiple ways of keeping your devices juiced up whether its wired or wireless is a gem. Finding the sweet spot can take a bit getting used to but it’s not any worse than some other charging pads.  The ability to have four devices powering at the same time is a space saver indeed. Especially when you have company over that need that boost of power.

Nomad also has a Base Station made with Walnut for additional $40 if you prefer wood.

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