Waterfield Game Card Holder

A few days ago, we reviewed the Waterfield Slip Case for the Nintendo Switch Lite and while that case is fantastic, you need to finish it off with one accessory that is an optional purchase. That’s the Waterfield 10 Cartridge Game Card Holder. This is a full-grain leather, Game Card Holder that fits 10 of your Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

There isn’t much to say about this other than it works, keeps your Nintendo Switch cartridges secure and safe, and it fits inside the Waterfield Slip Case perfectly as long as you get the 10 cartridge one and not the 20 cartridge one. The 20 cartridge Game Card Holder is for the bigger carrying cases or as a standalone game holder.

What I really love about the Game Card Holder is the smell. Nothing smells quite like real leather. Maybe I’m weird but I love the smell of leather. I also love the way leather looks as it ages.

You can pick up your very own Waterfield Game Card Holder here in a 10 or 20 cartridge option. It also available in four different leather colors – Grizzly, Crimson, Blue, Black.

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