Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite
Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite

I’ve been a fan of WaterField products for a while now, especially their gaming cases. The reason being that their designs are more adult and don’t scream, “look at me, I’m carrying a portable gaming system on me.” They make sophisticated looking cases and pouches for those who want solid protection, functionality, and good looks. Not only that, all of their products are hand made here in the USA. With that said, the CitySlicker is one of their best looking cases they have but I wanted to try something different from them with my Nintendo Switch Lite. I decided to go with their new Slip Case which is slim, portable, and premium.

Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite

The Waterfield Slip Case is different than most cases. It’s really more of a pouch than it is a case. The version I picked up is made of black ballistic nylon with a full grain premium leather grip at the bottom. The top is kept closed with what can be described as a magnetic zipper which does a very good job of keep everything secure. The interior is lined with an ultra-plush liner that feels like really soft fur. There’s really no other way to describe it. That means that your Nintendo Switch Lite is going to be pampered and kept scratch free while stored in the Slip Case.

Not only does the Slip Case hold your Nintendo Switch Lite, it also has two interior pockets. They’re not very large, but one of them is large enough to carry Waterfields optional Leather Game Card Holder and a charging cable or any other thin accessory. The second pocket since it lays where the screen is, you really don’t want to put anything too hard up there. For this pocket, I keep a small cleaning cloth in case I need to wipe down my screen.

Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite

Of note with the interior, the pockets are sized and aligned in such a way that there is a proper way of inserting your Nintendo Switch Light. You should slide in your Switch Lite with the screen facing the smaller pocket and the backside to the larger pocket. This is done to insure that there is adequate space for the joysticks to sit without being pushed down upon constantly. I also slide my Switch Lite top down with the charging port facing the opening. This way I can always charge up my Switch Lite even when it’s in the case. The neat thing here is that because the opening has a magnetic enclosure, you can still close it fully with the cable sticking out.

Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite

Lastly, the Waterfield Slip Case doesn’t have any handles or straps, but it does have a tiny loop of sorts that you can use to attach a carabiner or a wrist loop. Both are optional accessories. I however added a tiny little key ring to it as to make attaching things like this a little easier.


  • Exterior Luna Textiles are protected with water-resistant and stain-repellant Nanotex technology.
  • Bottom grip is made of full grain premium leather for making it easy to remove the device.
  • Interior is lined with ultra-plush liner to protect the Switch Lite and accessories.
  • Smooth, case-length magnetic closure quietly secures contents
  • Two interior pockets for holding games and accessories.
  • Pocket placement protects console buttons from impact.
  • Switch Lite can remain inside the Slip Case while connected to an exterior device.
  • Optional carabiner or wrist loop sold separately.
  • Optional 10-Game Card Holder sold separately.
Waterfield Slip Case for Nintendo Swtich Lite

Am I enjoying the Waterfield Slip Case for the Nintendo Switch Lite? Very much so. This case is pretty much everything I want in a carrying case for my portable console. It’s compact, lightweight, and carries just the necessities I need for my Switch Lite on the go. I love the fact that it doesn’t look like I’m carrying around a Nintendo Switch and I love how classy it looks. With that said, this is my every day Nintendo Switch Lite case and will most likely continue to be my daily for many years to come.

The Waterfield Slip Case for the Nintendo Switch Lite is $59.99 no matter which color or material option you choose.

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