It’s that time again folks where we at G Style share our holiday gift ideas. I am here to tell you the top of the items on my list this year. The gaming industry has taken us on a ride with all the exciting hardware. So many companies starting the holiday season of right for us gamers.

Nintendo Switch Lite

When Nintendo released the Switch, it had gamers going crazy. It was the talk of the town and it was at the top of everyone’s list. This year they released the Nintendo Switch Lite, which features the same power but in a smaller frame. This device plays the same games as its older sibling but has built-in controls and easier to travel with. That lightweight frame with all that gaming power at a lesser cost. It even comes in different colors. The Nintendo Switch Lite goes for $199.99 on

Astro Gaming Headsets

Astro Gaming Headsets are a must-have this holiday season. The one I am looking at this season more than the rest is the A40s with that new sexy revamped MixAmp. As a streamer, it helps to have quality sound for your audience and that MixAmp truly helps put you in control of your audio. The A40s with MixAmp can run for $249.99, while if you need wireless the A50s run for $299.99. They are truly worth the hefty price tag. They also allow you to customize the headsets and the tags on the side of them. You can find any of their amazing headsets at

Scuf Gaming Controllers

Scuf has a large assorted number of controllers for all types of gamers. If you are a huge Xbox gamer, they have controllers for you. If you’re a huge PS4 gamer, they have controllers for you. Scuf has a variety of colors and designs catered to each gamer. Each console has its own style and so many colors to select from. They even have a special sale of assorted gaming controllers right now. Prices range from $100 to $250 on fully loaded controllers. You can see all the models at

WaterField Portable Gaming Carrying Cases

When it comes to sophisticated, adult oriented cases for your portable gaming device, look no further than WaterField. For years now, WaterField has been creating some of the most classiest and adult oriented carrying cases for devices like the PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, and now the Nintendo Switch Lite. These are handmade cases by their team of talented artisans that come in a vast array of premium materials. We’re talking full grain leathers, waxed-canvas, ballistic nylon, and more. Currently WaterField makes no less than five cases for the Nintendo Switch to match any occasion. Whether you want to just carry your Switch or a full range of accessories, WaterField has you covered.

GUNNAR Optik Glasses

With all this gaming going on it can put strain on the eyes. This is where GUNNAR comes into play. GUNNAR has a variety of glasses that will help with dry eyes, reduce glare and block out blue light depending on your level of protection.  GUNNAR has various frames in different colors that cater not to gamers but those that sit in front of a PC for work, and even sunglasses. If your vision isn’t the best, they have prescription options. We been using a variety of their glasses prescribed and non for some time and it has made a difference in our daily lives.  If you are a gamer or have one in mind, a pair of GUNNAR glasses will do the trick for the holidays. Especially with all those games you will be getting for Black Friday…

This year has been filled with awesome new hardware and games. These items are at the top of my list. Please share with us below what new gaming hardware is top of your list.

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