Do you remember when you were just a kid, and you were asked what you want to be in the future? You might have answered something like a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, or an accountant. Even most kids nowadays would likely have the same answers.

However, you will eventually get to the point where you have to make the ultimate decision as a grown-up. By that time, circumstances might have already changed. What we had perceived ourselves to be when we were younger doesn’t always happen as originally planned.

But why? Probably, a change of heart. Tech has been more relevant than ever. Suddenly, you want to develop websites. Or you may think of creating an application that will improve the lives of so many people. It happens.

The Growing Tech Industry

In this day and age where everything is at your fingertips, you can’t help but be in awe of technology’s wonder. On top of that, the tech industry seems to be a very lucrative and very in-demand career path that you’d want to go with the flow.

Like bees to honey, the charm of technology has slowly lured people over for the past several years. And it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down at the moment.

The Numbers

It’s been proven that the technology sector is the fastest-growing industry all over the world. But as with any thriving industry, a somewhat saturation point is almost always expected.

However, technology is something that’s constantly evolving at a rapid rate. Any stagnation is almost always just short-term.

Technology is a very driven industry and can always be motivated by the never-ending competition. And of course, there’s this constant demand like an unquenched thirst. As long as there are users who always crave for more, count on technology to get things done.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for computer and information technology from 2018 to 2028 is expected to add around 546, 200 jobs, or a 12% growth. This is considered faster than the average of all jobs combined in the USA.

In terms of median salary, computer and information technology is also around 123% higher than the average median salary of all professions combined.

The Role of Education

School is a vital aspect of learning the fundamentals of technology. Just like how a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great computer program starts with a single code. This code is the beginning of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, database technology, and the like. This will help you start learning to program and code by attending computer science classes.

Some of the most sought-after computer-related courses in different universities and colleges are the following:

  • Android App Development – This is where applications for devices with Android operating systems are being created using Java, C++, Kotlin, among others.
  • Artificial Intelligence – This term describes a technology that has human-level intelligence and capabilities. In other words, this discipline creates tech that can think and act like a human, without the emotions. Examples of AI are Siri and Alexa.
  • Coding – This is where software, an app, or a website starts. Some of the coding courses you can take include JavaScript Development, iOS Development, and Front End Web Development.
  • Cybersecurity – Simply put, cybersecurity means protecting computer devices, networks, and servers against hacking or malicious attacks that may result in damage or loss of data and disruption of services.
  • Computer Engineering – This is a branch of engineering that encompasses the science behind the design, putting up, execution, and maintenance of both the hardware and software elements of a computer.
  • Web Development – As the name suggests, this involves the development of websites for use on the internet or intranet (private network using www software).

According to Forbes, the most significant technology trends in 2020 that we all have to be ready about include 5G data networks, autonomous driving, personalized and predictive medicine, computer vision, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Selecting the top school where you can learn and explore these possibilities will give you the upper hand in the competition.

Computer Makes the World Go Round

You can safely say that with the creation of an artificial intelligence job, people’s lives have become a lot easier. People can communicate anywhere around the world—and instantly at that. Users can communicate and get things done very quickly wherever they are, whereas before, it would take a day or two to accomplish such tasks. Tech has also paved the way for the best health care. Come to think of it, everything nowadays seems to be run by a computer—from your homes, your school, your office, to basically everywhere you can lay your eyes on. As long as people feel that any aspect of their lives can still be improved, you can count on technology to always be there to save the day.

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