Over the last decade, the online gaming market has undergone tremendous changes, giving rise to a wide array of games. Betgames is one of the many entertaining games that casino fans can play at betway, placing their wager on both mobile and desktop sites. This dynamic, live lottery-style game solely depends on luck to win, making it suitable for recreational and professional gamblers alike. 

Why Play Betgames?

Betgames are fast-paced games that turn in the results after every 3-5 minutes, making it very exciting for the fans. The games’ concept takes the regular fixed odds style in sports betting, combining it with the famous numbered lottery balls. 

As a player, you’re offered different betting options, like choosing between numbers and colors. Each game presents different categories and options to play, with the draws done live at any time of the day. The draws are real and 100% uncompromised, adding to the games’ unique thrill and entertainment.

How To Play Betgames

Playing Betgames is as easy as following these three steps:

  • Choose a game
  • Select the category/ bet type you wish to wager on
  • Choose your bet amount/ stake

You have a range of games to choose from, including:

  • Wheel of fortune
  • Dice Duel (country-specific)
  • Dice (country-specific)
  • Lucky 7
  • Lucky 6
  • Lucky 5

While these Betway betgames are all diverse in their way, they share some similar bet types. There’s one betting round, and the players can wager in between rounds before every draw takes place. The draws are done every five minutes, and your winnings are credited instantly to your account in case you have the winning combination.

Tips To Win Betgames

After choosing the right bookie, being successful with betgames depends on the game you want. Please note that not all games are created equal, and hence, there’s a higher probability of winning certain betgames compared to others. Lucky six and Lucky 7 are the most profitable Betgames, but you might need a few tips to help you remain productive.

Betgames Lucky 6 Tips

While most Betgames markets are similar, Lucky 6 has something that all the others don’t. The game comes with zones A, B and C, and many players have been successful by taking the zone betting as follows:

· Zone A: Total Sum of balls – Under 9.5

The odds for this bet will be around 7/10, which may not be the highest, but the gamble is worth it since it occurs more often than you can imagine. Remember that only a few bookies offer Betgames Lucky 6, though you need not w orry if you’re a betway member.

Betgames Lucky 7 Tips

Lucky seven can be a bit tricky and harder to win compared to Lucky 6. Most players start by betting totals but realize that it’s a pure guessing game after some time. Some prefer to bet on odd, though we find it best to wager on Over/ Under ball colors. To bet with this strategy, you must look at the last five draws in the game and identify a trend since they’re quite consistent. You will note that things go from being high in one number to the opposite number. That means if there were 5 black balls in the last draw, the black balls would be less than 3.5 in the next draw.

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