One of my favorite things about Call of Duty is the Multiplayer mode. Something about going up against other players online seeing how I would fare against others brings me a sense of joy. Over the years it was the main reason for playing Call of Duty. The challenge of the head to head combat using weapons.

Things have changed with the release of every Call of Duty version over the years. Some good and some bad. I know I’m excited to see kill streaks return instead of point base streaks. Watching my kill count increase instead of the number of points brings me back to when Call of Duty was my go-to game and nothing else took its place. They even give a bar when you select your killstreaks, letting you just how many kills you need to get a UAV, Gunner Chopper, or a GunShip.

The game modes haven’t changed much, you still have Team Deathmatch, Hardcore Team Deathmatch, Domination, and several others. One of the newer ones that stands out to me is Cyber Attack. Similar to Domination, except it has elimination. The ability to select what games you want to play and don’t want to play in quick play is an excellent addition. Overall I will be getting my grind on some multiplayer to reach the highest prestige possible. Keep watching for more on COD MW!

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