Ghost Recon is a game that gives you the feeling of the soldier in combat. It’s not like The Division. Even though it’s all a part of the Tom Clancy series of titles. They are very different. The Division isn’t really about soldiers as much as it’s about overall survival during a apocalyptic event. The Ghost Recon series is about a singular mission and focus with military trained soldiers being the lead character in the series.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands was a game that I played not having played a Ghost Recon game prior (sad to say) and I was throughly impressed. It was an immersive game with a multitude of objectives to complete and henchman to kill, all to stop a dangerous drug dealer in South America. The game focused on weaponry, stealth and tactical strategy in order to complete your missions and ultimately finish the game.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is much of the same although this time around there much more focus on the story as well as the missions you’ll do. Earlier this year before the games’ release I went to check out an early version of the game with Ubisoft and in playing the game I got to see how much the story is emphasized. It’s why the developers of the game went out and got Jon Bernthal to play the leader Cole D. Walker of the rogue group “Wolves” in the game.


This story takes place on the fictional island of Auroa and it involves the kidnapping and saving of one civilian, Jace Skell. He’s significant because he’s the billionaire tech revolutionary behind the “Skell Tech” that Cole Walker is using to take over Auroa and act out his brand of vengeance against the US government and the “Ghosts” a group of which he once a part of. This made for an interesting game dynamic. Whereas, in the previous game you were just taking out brutish untrained henchmen, the Wolves are anything but. They are military trained, highly intelligent and tactical killers. They are not to be taken lightly in this game and when you make mistakes in this game with the Wolves. You’ll pay for it.

Auroa is cold, mountainous, wet and all things you would consider effed up when trying to save a hostage. You’ll have to use smarts and vehicles to navigate your way through the terrain to break strongholds and find all the best armory. Lots of hiding spots throughout the terrain for sniping and catching the enemy by surprise. Ubisoft made sure that Auroa had plenty of environments for you to cover and plenty of side missions.

There are also factions, loners, soldiers, and every element of resistance you can think of that will stop you in your attempt to get to Cole Walker. Aside from that, Cole Walker has full control of the Skell Tech and it’s unlike anything you’ll have to use in the game. In Wildlands, the big bad El Sueno was more of a mythical figure shrouded in a maze of bosses, underbosses and townspeople who fully supported him. He wasn’t involved in really anything. Cole Walker is a different animal. He has a personal vendetta and he’s active within the game and all resources at his disposal will be used on you.


Get some needed rest at the Bivouac

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint takes some of its style of play from The Division 2 with the Bivouac for starters. The bivouac is just like the safepoints and hubs in The Division 2. It’s here that you can rest, buy gear, sell gear and craft gear. It adds an element of customization to Breakpoint that is so necessary and adds value to the game that fits your play style. Just like in The Division 2, it’s fun to craft new weapons from blueprints so you gotta find em and bring back to the bivouac. Here is where you help yourself to becoming the perfect Ghost.

To compliment the bivouac there is an attack/play style skill tree that allows you to build on your progress within the game. This is similar to what was in the Division 2. Like I said there are similarities but it’s not at all a bad thing. I personally chose the assault tree because I like big guns, armor and ammo. But if you like to snipe, there’s the Sharpshooter tree. If you’re more of a support player be a medic. If you’re more of a stealthy player who prefers the element of surprise and attack then Panther is for you. The skill trees are well laid out and tailored to match how you like to play. Each skill tree also offers stats, boosts, and abilities specific to your job. You can switch jobs if you feel the need to do so based on mission so you load out and unlock them all and be a beast.

Guns, armor and everything else is for the taking in Ghost Wars: Breakpoint. Before I really even got into the primary missions I spent a good majority of my time hunting for the best weapons and armor in the game that my level would allow me. Getting my guns and armor together helped me create better loadouts and thus made my missions that much easier. As you complete missions and side missions you’ll gain XP to level up your ghost and money which will help you buy better weapons and armor and you can even purchase vehicles. There’s a shop that you can take advantage of and buy anything you need.

GR: Breakpoint has a sick collection of merch in this game that you can buy for combat use or just for the hell of it. Why not buy an attack chopper or a fully armored land cruiser, hell, buy a sports car. The store in the game is full of everything so aside from hunting for the best weapons you can buy a lot of them. My advice. Hunt for them. Don’t be a cheater. Just kidding.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars in GR: Breakpoint is serious. The PvP faithful will love this mode. I tried my luck at Ghost Wars and was digustingly blown away every time but I had a shitload of fun playing it. It’s 4v4 competition and it’s a game mode that you can’t just go into shooting. I learned this. The same way you have to approach the base game is the same way you have to approach Ghost Wars. Everything you can use to gain a tactical advantage counts here. So many times I was in a match and just when I thought I was about to get an easy kill, I get spotted by a drone and then I had to flee, ended up exposing myself and got shot or shot at. You have to take advantage of everything on each map.

It’s a great addition to the game if you love PvP and Ubisoft has no plans to leave it as is. They promise new maps and a ton of new content for Ghost Wars so that in itself is a reason to get involved with Ghost Wars. It gives really solid replay value to Ghost Wars: Breakpoint and it’s what you want in a game like this. It shouldn’t be limited to just the campaign.


Playing Tom Clancy games can seem like a lot of the same thing sometimes and there’s a little bit of truth of it. There’s a constant theme to these games BUT every new go round of the Tom Clancy games gets better and more and more individual and they’ve begun to separate themselves from one another. Yes, they borrow from each other but it’s for the better of the game and you realize that what is borrowed is necessary when you play. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is only like Wildlands in name only. I personally felt like I was playing a completely different game with a sense of urgency that I didn’t have in Wildlands. Jon Bernthal as Cole D. Walker brings an element of a personal story to the game that didn’t exist in Wildlands. The Wolves are no joke. There’s a ton of weapons, armor, missions and side missions available to on Auroa. I was very fulfilled with this game and I’m still playing it although I’ve finally completed the campaign.

GR: Breakpoint is action packed, intense, lengthy and the enemies in the game make sure that you can’t BS around. Having the best guns and armor is helpful but not key to beating this game. Understanding the terrain, enemies and the mission at hand are key to survival. Co-op play is still top notch and a lot of fun as you’ll wanna run with a crew in this game. Ghost Wars PvP is a challenging and rewarding experience for PvP junkies. Ubisoft is making big strides to making sure that the replay value for Ghost Wars remains constant. I’m sure we can also expect some quality updates to the main game itself. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is an incredible game and it’s another worthy addition to the Tom Clancy series. I would like to see some 8-man style raid play similar to the Division 2 but who knows. I’m still enjoying the main campaign and finding new weapons and collecting XP so I won’t bored anytime soon. No fluff in this review, just every reason you should buy this game and I hope you do, It’s super dope.

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