If you’re into fitness and picked up an Apple Watch then you probably know that out-the-box you’re limited by the number of watch straps that look good and don’t fall apart with a little sweat. Thankfully, UAG has a set of straps that are perfect for Apple Watch users that lead active lifestyles in either a canvas or leather finish.  

Watch Strap Specs via UAG  

Active Watch Strap 

  • High Strength Nylon Weave 
  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware 
  • Hook & Loop Fastener Security 
  • Designed for Apple Watch Series 1-4 
  • Watchband fits most wrists 
    • 44/42mm: 152mm- 210mm 
    • 40/38mm: 133mm – 191mm 

Leather Watch Strap 

  • Supple Italian Leather  
  • Stainless Steel Custom Hardware 
  • Collar Locking Snap Security 
  • Designed for Apple Watch Series 1-4 
  • Watchband is one size fits most
    • 44/42mm: 152mm – 210mm 
    • 40/38mm: 133mm – 191mm 

Style and Fit 

This section is strictly about the styling and fit of the UAG active straps and is highly subjective. You’ve been warned. My review sample came with two straps – an orange, nylon-weave active strap, and brown full-grain leather strap.  

The Full-grain leather strap looks great in the box but seems out of place on the watch. It’s a wider strap with silver-colored hardware but when paired with my silver watch face, it looks out of place seemingly overpowering the clean lines of the watch face. The leather itself feels a bit stiff and doesn’t offer the most comfortable fit. Out of fairness, I haven’t been using this strap much and haven’t properly worn it in. That said, a good leather strap should feel soft and mailable, but secure; the UAG Leather Strap is definitely secure but softness doesn’t come right out the box.  

By contrast, the UAG Active Watch Strap felt great on the wrist and the orange of our sample added a nice contrast to the silver face of the watch. The Velcro strap feels secure even when going for a run or workout – allowing you to move with confidence and forget there’s a mini computing device strapped to your wrist. Its simple nylon-weave construction is only broken up by the hardware (to loop and secure obviously) and oddly works really well with the Apple Watch’s styling cues. 

Night Out or Work Out 

Deciding which of the UAG Apple Watch Straps is right for you comes down to a matter of preference. If you’re looking for something that dresses up nicely (and IMHO, happen to have a Space Gray or Gold watch face) the Leather Watch Strap makes a decent choice if it’s not the supplest leather.  

While by no means would I consider myself athletic (or moderately active for that matter), the Active Watch Strap pairs nicely as a daily strap that’s dressed-down but still securely snug against my wrist. The bright orange color option of the Active Watch Strap complements the minimalist aesthetic of the Apple Watch itself.  

Both straps are currently available directly from UAG and ship in a few days. You can pick up the Leather Watch Strap for $70 or the Active Watch Strap for $60. 

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