Epic Games and 2K Games have started a crossover event. that introduces new and stylish borderlands skins. Players will be able to select skins of different items from Borderlands like Psycho, ClapTrap backpack, along with free weapon wraps and sprays. So much more, these are just a few to mention. With the soon to release Borderlands 3 releasing soon be sure you can find locations that look similar to locations from the game.

The skins and items are drawn just like the characters in Borderlands down to the very detail. The map layout will also have a similar art design. You might think your playing Borderlands until you start building to take less damage. Fortnite is really doing big things and working with several different ideas for crossover events. Such as John Wick 3, who didn’t enjoy being Keanu Reeves’ character aiming their gun at other players. Also events like Avengers: Endgame, walking around looking like Iron Man and Captain America.

The Borderlands event will be available in Fortnite until September 10th. So get those Vbucks up folks and kids start asking your parents now for that Vbuck cash exchange. My little man has some grass to cut.

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