Human Inc looks to be the first out the gate to offer what they are calling Over Ear True Wireless headphones. They are simply called “Human Headphones”. They mimic the shape and design of the ear blanketing the ear without any headband attachment required. Human looks to offer various ways of functionality ranging from a stereo experience, passing one on to a friend or even turning them into a speaker system of sorts.

Human Headphones features:

  • True Wireless: Human Headphones are the first true wireless, over-ear headphones, allowing traditional headphone quality without an over-the-head band.
  • Innovative hybrid design: 3 in 1 design delivers over-the-ear quality, ear-bud convenience, and a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a snap. One pair is all you need throughout your day.
  • Excellent sound quality: For your favorite songs, Human Headphones offers great dynamic range from deep bass to high notes, accuracy of instruments, with a full sound stage.
  • Capacitive touch controls: Usetouch gestures to play or pause music, skip to the next/previous song, adjust the volume, answer phone calls, and invoke your native voice assistant.
  • Speaker: Human Headphones snap together to create a portable Bluetooth speaker with a 2.2, 4 speaker sound system that can play a favorite song, translate a group conversation or access a digital assistant.
  • On-the-go communication: Take that important call on your commute with no distraction. Accurate voice capture and sound quality, even in noisy environments, through the use of beamforming mics that assure clarity on both ends of a phone call, accurate access to voice services like your favorite native voice assistant, translation, and more.
  • Blend Mode: Control the amount of ambient noise you hear through the headphones with Blend Mode. Simply adjust the amount of surrounding noise you hear – all while enjoying your favorite audio.
  • Fast, accurate translation: Translate up to 11 different languages in three modes: quick translation from person to person, group translation for multiple people and speaker translation for meetings.
  • All day connectivity: Enjoy up to nine continuous use hours of battery life and up to 100+ feet of connectivity distance. Additionally, use speaker mode while on and off the charger so you are never without access.

Since I been hopping from many true wireless offerings this year I’m interested to see how these play out. Something that goes over the ear and doesn’t need any adjusting and how comfortable they may actually be.

Human Headphones are available now for a introductory pricing of $259.00 $399.99 and hopefully we look to get a pair soon to test out.

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