Subscriptions boxes believe or not have grown tremendously over the past few years and ranged from clothing to grooming to even food depending on your palate. Well Casely wants to be first out the gate to provide with a subscription dedicated to iPhone cases.

Casely sees where most consumers are spending anywhere from $40 and up on cases and while not bad are getting various styles which racks up in dollars over time. I myself reviewing cases I know there is a slew that come out just for one device and tend to want to “switch it up” at times.

So how Casely works is you can join their club Monthly or Seasonal (every 3 months) paying $15 each time. They have options to choose from such as the normal listing, exclusive club styles or a “surprise me” option if you do dare. Casely does have a “Bold” Protection(Collection) which is $10 that as the title suggests gives more protection such as slightly increased lip, better drop protection and shock absorbing air pockets.

Right now, Casely is iPhone exclusive and ranges from models iPhone 6 all the way to the latest XS/XR/XS Max lines.  

As far as cases I selected the Leopard print mostly for its mix of colors and how they looked to pop in photos. It’s the same in person. Case proves some nice protection giving you a needed lip to help protect from face drops of the screen. There are slight ridges on the side to help grip the case better as well.  Case also isn’t that slippery which is good.

It’s a great idea from Casely and I can see it doing well for those that want to give their iPhone a different personality every week. Only thing I’d say is possibility create some cases geared towards males if there is a focus for that. Guys like to switch up their accessories too and the site offerings are more dedicated to a female fanbase. Also eventually venture into Android phone territory even with the most popular brands.

If you are interested in Casely’s Subscription Box click HERE or you can always take a browse around and look at individual cases to buy.

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